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Best football data API

These days there are a lot of football data API providers who claim to be the best.

When we at Sportmonks wanted to start a fantasy game we came across the problem that most football data API providers were not reliable. We had to make a choice between affordability and reliability. We figured out that we would be better off collecting the data ourselves. After doing this we realised we had reliable data and would be able to offer this for a fair price. After being in the market of football data API for almost a decade we can proudly say: Our API is reliable and affordable!

Create your API token

Every My Sportmonks account has access to our for-ever free plan, which consists of the Danish Superliga and the Scottish Premiership. We offer this so everyone can see for themselves that the football API is the best football data API in the market.

All you need to do is generate an API token. Then give it a cool name, and you’re all set to test the Sportmonks API!

Choose your football plan

Now that you have a My Sportmonks account and a valid API token. It’s time for you to select a football plan.

At Sportmonks we have multiple plans, you can choose the plan that best suits your budget. Additionally we also have a custom plan option where you can choose which leagues and which data features you want to receive. After all, you know your customers the best and know which statistics they would be interested in.

All of our plans, including the custom plans have a 14-day free trial. This way you can try out the API without any cost or risk.

Football coverage

Our API is developed by developers with a heart for sports. This way the developers know exactly what you need to bring to your users. Our Football API has over 2,000 football leagues worldwide. It includes the biggest competitions in the world like the Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup.

Our Football database includes a lot of different data features. You can choose which ones you want. Some of the datafeatures we offer are:

  • Football results, including historical matches
  • Match statistics and events
  • Complete team squads including all players
  • All competition winners
  • Match formations & Lineups
  • (Live) scores and standings
  •  Top scorers
  • (Live) odds and predictions
  • Coach and referee stats
  • And many more is included in the Football API.

Explore our Documentation

We know that the API has so many options that some are more difficult to understand. Implementing the Sportmonks API is easy and without struggles.

However, if you want to know anything about our API or are looking for some more help, we provide extensive documentation resources such as getting started, tutorials, how-to guides, API references and detailed endpoint descriptions. We are updating the documentation page actively and want to make sure that everybody is able to use the Sportmonks API the way they want without wasting any time. If anything you want is missing in the documentation, you can always send us an email at to receive additional help.

The Sportsmonks soccer API was the best we could find, in terms of coverage that we needed and more importantly a well-made API.

Excellent documentation and the free plans give ample opportunity to test the API with a product in development.

Jason Baylyst
Owner Crowdcoach

We started our subscription in 2019 and we’re very happy with the Football API. Next to the amazing speed of the API, Sportmonks has surprised us over and over again with their flexible friendly support.

Alvind Konda

If you want to add real-time sports data feeds to your application or website then we can strongly recommend Sportmonks.
With the widest coverage out there for both in-play and pre-match events from their side, we have launched BettingKick, a revolutionary start-up in the betting industry.

Our visitors are really satisfied with useful information, and BIG thanks to Sportmonks for a good job.

Borko Bajic
CTO at