Sportmonks’ New Look & Feel

We are live! 

If you’re reading this you might have noticed quite some changes here and there. Such as a new logo, website, and house style, faster API 2.0. Our first step towards many innovations in 2021!

We’ll also be more active on social media from now on. Expect various posts about our newest features, products, sales, and much more.

Today, we’ll be giving you some insights into why we decided to rebrand ourselves and what this means for the future.

Rebuilding the website

Some of you who have stuck with us since the beginning may know that we started out as Soccerama and later rebranded to Sportmonks in 2017. This means that our last major website overhaul was four years ago.

With our previous website, the UI and user experience left a lot to be desired. Navigating through the website didn’t go smoothly, webpages were cluttered, and overall just looked outdated. Moreover, the customer platform was severely simplistic. Too simplistic, in fact. It lacked important features and selecting a paid plan was very unclear.

So, this was something we definitely wanted to address, both the main website and the customer platform. In order to realize this, we had no choice but to rebuild Sportmonks from the ground up. This time around, it will be more user friendly, navigating will feel much more intuitive, and we’ve added a plethora of new cool features to the customer platform, which has been dubbed My Sportmonks.

Our primary aim was to give more support to our loyal and awesome customers. Make no mistake, we would never have been able to create such a great product without the support, advice and feedback from our customer base. Together we will create the future of sports.

A new identity

At the same time, while plans were made to rebuild our website, we also realized that now might be a great opportunity for a new style.

The old website represented us correctly back when we first started out. A small start-up company looking to provide people with affordable, but good quality football data.

However, four years later, we’ve grown out to be a massively profitable and sustainable business. Our Sportmonks platform has proven to be a future-proof platform for sports enthusiasts from all over the world, and now it is time to further build upon that.

So, what kind of identity do we want to radiate, you might ask. Our goal was to be perceived as this young, fresh, professional, but fun and innovative company. A company looking to upset the world of sports data with affordable, yet high-quality sports data.

This, unfortunately, meant that we had to replace our trustworthy old Sportmonks logo, in order to embrace our new identity.

But fear not! Our new logo with brand new colour styles will help us take on the world of sports data for the next couple of years.

Future plans

We hope to continue delivering high-quality sports data for an affordable price in the future and to become the #1 sports data platform, which is certainly possible if we continue to grow as hard as the past four years.

We’ll achieve this one step at a time by releasing new add-ons, APIs, sports, and new data features. The first steps now have been taken to start building up from a total new Sportmonks back-end platform. This will give us the power to build/release many new stuff in a short period of time.

Once again, we at Sportmonks greatly appreciate your continued support for the past four years and this restyle will ultimately be of great significance for both parties. We strive to help our loyal customers as much as possible and we listen to all the feedback you can give us.

So please, do look forward to what more we will bring in 2021!