A new website and new changes

If you’re reading this, you’re already on our brand new Sportmonks website! Our new website has a more contemporary style, which better fits our current goals and vision.

Apart from having improved the look and feel of our website, we also have made changes that are relevant to all our customers. In this blog, we will inform you what the changes mean for you.

Before, we discuss the new changes. Note that as an existing customer with an existing subscription, you won’t have to do anything. Your current active subscription remains as is, with the same price you were paying before. . Read more below.

Changes to plans

The most important change is that we have decided to reform our paid plans. If you choose to change your current plan to one of our new plans.


football plan changes

Euro plan
The Euro Plan has been changed as you look to the league coverage. A few extra leagues have been added, but also a few leagues have been removed. Check the table below.

euro plan changes

World Plan
As you can see, the World plan has been significantly expanded with 50 more football leagues. The new list of World Plan Leagues can be found on our World Plan page.

Enterprise Plan

We also renamed the Pro plan to the Enterprise plan. Moreover, the Enterprise plan will be geared towards entrepreneurs looking to create professional sports business projects. An added feature of the Enterprise plan is that Sportmonks will be tuning the Enterprise plan to the needs of the customer. We’ll look together at what you’re creating and offer advice for the plan that best fits your project.

Note that for Cricket the plans will be the same, with the exception of the Pro plan being renamed to Enterprise plan.

cricket plan changes

There are no changes in our Formula One plans.


Moving onto the add-ons. Some of you may already have requested more API calls or made use of our Prediction API.

In 2021 you’ll have the option of manually editing your active subscription to include add-ons. For example, you have the Euro Plan Standard, but you would like to have extra API calls and the Prediction API. You no longer have to contact us, but can simply do this yourself in My Sportmonks.

Later in the year, we also hope to offer webhooks as our third add-on.

My Sportmonks

We have created a new environment for you to manage your plans, API calls, etc. This new environment has been given the name: My Sportmonks.
We migrated your old Sportmonks credentials, so you can simply log into the new environment with your old username and password.

My Sportmonks will have the same style as our website’s and will be much easier to navigate. New HUD, intuitive UI, and a slick design will help you create your dream application more easily.

The end goal of My Sportmonks is to provide you with the all tools and features you need to get started. My Sportmonks is live now, but still in its most basic form. Over the next months, we’ll be actively working on improving My Sportmonks as well as add new features.

Working with teams in My Sportmonks

Another neat feature with My Sportmonks is that your dev team is now able to work in teams, without having to share sensitive information such as your payment details. Here is a list of features for working with teams:

  • You’re able to add people and assign them different roles, such as admin, editor, etc. to your team.
  • Admins are able to add and remove other people. They also have the jurisdiction to alter their payment information, invoices, subscriptions, etc.
  • Both admins and editors can create API tokens for their team. Meaning that each developer will be able to use their own API token, instead of having to ask other people for their tokens. Usage of these tokens works cumulatively for the
  • Admins are able to delete API tokens. For instance, you can have production and development tokens. If the development of your application has finished, you can simply delete the individual development tokens and continue to use the production tokens. This way, you’ll never have to reveal your production tokens to other people.
  • You’re able to create your own team. Our system generates for every user.
  • You can be in multiple teams.

An example of how you can work with the team feature:

The director of a company utilizes the Sportmonks API to create a football app. He selects a project manager to do this and makes him admin of the team on My Sportmonks

The project manager can now add his developers to the team.

One of the developers forgot to copy his API token. Luckily for him, he can simply delete and create a new token.

During development, the project manager realizes they need to upscale to a more extensive data plan. He only has to inform the director of this decision and can simply choose to upgrade their current plan on My Sportmonks.

It’s as easy as that.


Q: Will anything change for me if I opt to not do anything?

A: No, nothing will change. Your subscription will remain as is. Only if you choose to change your plan subscription, will the new prices apply to you.

Q: Can I continue to use my API token(s)?

A: Yes, you can continue using your tokens as before. You can also create tokens for your teams now.

Q: Do I have to pay more for my current plan in the new situation?

A: No, your plan and price will remain as is. Your subscription will remain as is. Only if you choose to change your plan subscription, will the new prices apply to you.

That’s all for this blog post. We hope we have sufficiently clarified our changes. If you have any questions, shoot us a message at support@sportmonks.com.