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What is the European Championship?

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What is the European Championship?

But first, let’s recap the meaning of this tournament. The European Championship, often called the EUROS, is a major international tournament that is held every four years. It is organised by the UEFA and features the national teams of Europe competing for the prestigious title of European Champions.

The European Championship has seen some unforgettable moments. It’s a platform for nations to showcase their footballing talent and has a massive global following. It draws millions of viewers and football fans to stadiums and screens worldwide.

The competition will be as exciting as ever, with powerhouse nations like Germany (also the host nation), France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the dark horse: The Netherlands.

EUROs structure explained

Understanding the structure of the EUROs, including the match calendar group stage, knockout rounds, semi-finals, and final, is essential to play our prediction game. The best part? This data is also offered in our European Championship API.

Match calendar and match schedule:

The tournament kicks off with the group stage, where 24 nations are divided into six groups of four teams each. During the group stage, every team plays against the other three teams in their group in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group and the four best third-placed teams advance to the knockout phase.

Knockout phase and knockout rounds:

After the group stage, the tournament transitions into the knockout phases. The knockout phase features single-elimination matches, with the winners progressing to the next round and the losers bidding farewell to their EURO dream. The knockout phase includes thrilling knockout rounds leading up to the highly anticipated semi-finals and final.

Semi-Finals and Final:

As the knockout phase progresses, the tournament reaches its climax with the semi-finals, where the remaining 4 teams battle fiercely for a spot in the final. The victors of the semi-finals advance to the grand finale, where two teams face off in a showdown of epic proportions. The final match is the culmination of weeks of intense competition, with the ultimate prize of becoming European Champions on the line.

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