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2 Weeks of Soccer API 2.0

2 Weeks of Soccer API 2.0

June 14, 2017 20:45 in Soccer

A hectic 2 weeks after the release of the new website and soccer API 2.0 are behind us. It's time to take the balance and see where we're at.


Let's begin to say that we are very proud of where API 2.0 currently stands. The launch wasn't one without issues but nevertheless API 2.0 is performing much better then 1.2 did. In the first 2 weeks it is already even handling more requests then 1.2 did the last couple of months. A lot of people were waiting for this I guess ;).

Initially, after the go live on june 1st, we found out that the data migration had a few issues which was affecting the API in the first days. 4 pages of forum topics were created by our community which we could all solve quite quickly! The team has worked very hard to make sure the migration issues are history now, so the time has come to launch new features to the API!!

First, some insides

It's always nice to show off some statistics since they tell more then a thousand words. But hey, we cannot post a page full of images right? so first some toughts about our new infratructure.

For the launch of the new website and API we have completely renewed our infrastructure which has been build by a company called TwistedBytes which is specialized in high traffic websites and services. Our infrastructure is moved from to which provide super fast servers. More on that will soon be posted as a case study on

API 2.0 currently handles around 4 million api calls on a daily basis. Due to the amount of new users signing up every day and the facts that new sports will be added shortly, we expect this to grow fast. As the most of you probably already have found out the API is a little more restricted then the 1.2 version is. We haven't done this to irritate you but to make sure you get a response every time you call us for data. We see a tremendous decrease in failed requests for API 2.0 which we are very happy with.

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New Features

We, at, are continuously improving our services to give our customers the best experience. Based on that we have released some nice cool features to the new 2.0 API which makes your data set even more complete. A list of new features will be summed here:

  • On team related endpoints or includes you can now make use of the sidelined, transfers and coach include options.

  • On player related endpoints or includes you can now make use of the sidelined, transfers and trophies include options.

  • Player related statistics have been improved

  • Please visit the documentation to find out more about these features. Documentation

What to Expect

Since the start of we have a big wishlist when talking about services we want to offer to our customers. The development team has started the development of other sports since this week. We are currently working on Formula 1 and Basketball feeds. There is a list of around 20 sports we want to add to our services in the next few months.

We plan to keep you informed via blog posts on a 2 weekly basis.

yours, The Team

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