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Improved Cricket API V2.0

Improved Cricket API V2.0

March 07, 2019 08:16 in Cricket

At SportMonks we want to deliver high quality sports data to our customers and we try to reach that goal by working hard every day. Customer feedback is very important to us. From the moment we released our Cricket API, we heard the learning curve of using the Cricket API was too high. We decided to completely rebuild it and release a 2.0 version.

Today we have released this new Cricket API 2.0. It is build on top of the same engine as our Soccer API who serves over 9000 customers worldwide. We aim to keep the flexibility as high as possible so we still have the option of adding includes to load data like lineups, runs, scoreboards, and comments in a single request. On the other hand the responses are more streamlined now, meaning that no custom code is required anymore to link relationship and included data to each other. This is done automatically and a well formatted response is presented to you now.

Ofcourse this isn’t the only thing we have done, we also have upgraded coverage by adding more leagues, we have added player careers statistics on a per season basis and we also added ranking of men and women for TEST, ODI and T20I.

More information can be found via our completely rewritten documentation.

To gain more information about the fields and their meaning please head to our Cricket API reference guide.

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