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Release Soccer API 2.0

Release Soccer API 2.0

June 01, 2017 20:16 in Soccer

Finally it's here, The Soccer API version 2.0. The team worked very hard the last couple of months and we are very proud of Soccer API 2.0.

The road to the release of version 2.0 was one with ups and downs. The intitial release of version 2.0 was scheduled for february 2017. Due to issues with delivery of our servers we faced a huge delay. But since today is a happy day we are not going into this depth.

2.0 and what to expect

Soccer API version 2.0 has been completely rebuild from scratch. The API is now much faster and will come with multiple new data features like injuries, extended stats, better squad handling, inplay odds and so on. The structure of the API against 1.0/1.1/1.2 hasnt changed that much and the usage of the api, with includes, is still the same. Documentation of the new API has completely been rewritten and includes some usefull tips to make your integration run as smoothly as possible.

So what has changed! read more about this below:


With API 2.0 we have decided to increase the request limit to 1500. This is a + of 500 against version 1. The main reason we have increased the volume is because lot's of people are asking for it. Since API 2.0 runs on way faster servers then version 1 we can now handle much more requests at the same time. When you include inplay odds into your plan you even get 10000 request per hour extra.


Team squads are a important part for most app and websites. One of the reasons we started with API 2.0 is becuase of that. The squad handling in API 1 was ok but could be much better. We now cover full team and player profiles including logo's, venues photo's and player photo's. Also player season performance is now available for 2016 season onwards and will contains details like how much games a player has played, how many minutes he has played etc etc.


The coverage of odds for API 2.0 currently counts around 95% of all games we host. We even have added inplay odds to give your betting website even more power. Odds are structure in a readable way which is super easy to implement.

Sidelined and Transfers

Another addition to the API are injuries & transfers. With this information we give you the possiblity to enrich your the player profile even more then before.

Much more...

A lot more new and updated data features are available and we are adding more very soon.

New Infrastructure

For API 2.0 makes use of super fast servers powered by Our infrastructure has completely been rebuild by a trustful partner which makes it super easy for us to expand our services with more sports (more about that soon). We now have extensive server monitoring making downtime history. We have been heavily testing our infratructure lately and we are very proud of what we have achieved!

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