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June 01, 2017 20:30 in SportMonks Global

Proudly we can announce the launch of what we think the best new sports data provider on the market, SportMonks! In 2016 we started with to offer good quality soccer data feeds for an affordable price. Customers were excited, we were enthusiastic and became a big success. The success resulted in the idea of expanding our services to multiple sports. That is why we now introduce SportMonks!

Currently we offer fast and reliable soccer data for affordable prices to the 1000+ customers we have. It is our goal to get every single customer up to speed with only a few mouse-clicks away. With a strong focus on support facilities we accomplished to build a big ‘Monks Community’ of customers that are very happy with our product.

Daily we receive messages like ‘Thank you for your fast reply’, ‘You guys build a fantastic API’ and ‘ Keep up the good work guys’. This is our best motivation to improve our product even more every day.

With our soccer feed we collect more then 10000 Events in our database in a typical weekend, covering 450+ Leagues. We provide about 12 years of historical soccer data. Our fixtures database is currently counting around 2 million fixtures, all available to you when you sbuscribe. Currently SportMonks handle around 2 million request on a daily basic, all seamlessly handled by our highly flexible API. Also for pre-match and in-play odds, SportMonks is the trusted partner you are looking for!

The next months we will add multiple new sports to the SportMonks Products. We will keep you posted via new blogs and our social channels! If you are interested in our product, try our Free Trial right now!.

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