Sportmonks’ Football API now available on RapidAPI

As one of the popular and well-known Football API providers, we know the importance of proper football data. Many professional football clubs use football data to purchase players, adjust their tactics, or analyze their next opponents.

However, football data isn’t just for football clubs. On the contrary! Tons of fans and hobbyists are interested in livescores, odds, and statistics of their favorite teams. There are also companies and businesses with football betting websites, fantasy games, or live match tracking websites.

In short, many parties have some form of interest in football data, and we at Sportmonks aim to deliver these parties the best possible football data that we can offer. For an affordable price, of course.

Today, we take the next step to give people great but affordable football data by teaming up with the biggest API marketplace worldwide: RapidAPI.

Advantage of Sportmonks on RapidAPI

RapidAPI is an excellent API marketplace for developers to find, connect, and manage all their API connections. As a developer, you can search and find the APIs that you need for your project, embed the API into your app, and track usage of all your APIs via a single dashboard. We think this could be helpful for our customers: to manage all their APIs in one place.

Why choose Sportmonks’ Football Pro API?

At Sportmonks, we work differently compared to other data suppliers. Unlike our competitors, our pricing is crystal clear. We wil never overcharge you for the number of API calls. All of our subscriptions have 2000 API calls per endpoint/per hour, which is more than enough to build a professional Football Application that can also update livescores every second..

Furthermore, Sportmonks is all about quality. We aim to deliver you high-quality football data for an affordable price. We aim to achieve a product that is genuinely worth value for your money. Our product is not just a football API. It’s much more than that.

And last but not least, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer support. We are fast, we are helpful, but more importantly, we listen. We love our fast and reliable football API, and we want you to experience that. If you ever have questions, are unsure about our data, or any general sales questions, do not hesitate to contact us!