Statuses & Definitions



A fixtures moves between statuses, has an initial status, can be delayed or has been finished. All represent the flow the fixtures has been moved into.

Definition Explanation Information
NS Not Started The initial status of a game.
Finished Finished The game has been ended.
1st Innings Live The game is currently in 1st Inning.
2nd Innings Live The game currently is in 2nd Inning.
3rd Innings Live The game currently is in 3rd Inning.
4th Innings Live The game currently is in 4th Inning.
Stump Day 1 Live End of day 1 play
Stump Day 2 Live End of day 2 play
Stump Day 3 Live End of day 13 play
Stump Day 4 Live End of day 4 play
Innings Break Live Waiting for the next inning to start.
Tea Break Live
Lunch Lunch
Dinner Dinner
Postp. PostPoned The game has been postponed.
Int. Interrupted The game has been interrupted. Can be due to bad weather.
Aban. Abandoned The game has abandoned and will continue at a later time or day.
Delayed Delayed The game is delayed so it wil start later.
Cancl. Cancelled The game has been cancelled.


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