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To help you keep your data in sync we have implemented an endpoint that returns you all the games that have received updates within 2 hours ago. this will also imply games that have an updated lineup, updated events or updated statistics. Inplay games are not included in this endpoint, meaning that you will only get updated for finished or games that have not been played yet.

You can find information about the timestamp we query against in the meta section of the response.

Endpoint Details

Below you can find the details for this endpoint.

Key Value
Pagination: No

Nested Includes: - You can add a max of levels of nested includes.
  • leagues - A comma separated list of leagues. Max 25 ids can be included.
  • api_token - Your token that privdes access to the API.
  • markets - Filter odds based on a comma separated list of market ids.
  • bookmakers - Filter odds based on a comma separated list of bookmaker ids.

Example Request

The following code snippets demonstrate how to get all fixtures available in this endpoint.

Example Response

In the API Reference Guide the example responses of the fixtures endpoint are shown.

Test this Endpoint

With our In-Page API Tester you can directly test this Endpoint by clicking the blue button on the right ‘Open Test API’. By adding Includes, Parameters and Variables and clicking the blue button on the right below ‘Send API Request’, you can directly view the API Response. Your Requests and Responses are even stored in your personal API Tester Folder (only when you are logged-in). If you are not logged in the API Tester will use the Free Plan Leagues for your requests.


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or get in touch with our sales team.

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