How The API Works


We have built a well-structured, flexible and fast JSON API. Our API makes it easy to customize your JSON responses. Extensive Documentation with an API reference Guide and in Page API testing will make the integration a party for every developer. At SportMonks we now cover 800+ Leagues. Especially for Major Leagues, all Soccer Data you need is available. Whether your application requires our Livescore API, Statistics, Odds, Full Season Fixtures, (historical) Results, or anything else, the SportMonks Soccer API is what you need.

Enriching The Data With Relationships

The flexibility of our API is in the part where you build your own responses by adding include parameters to your request. This means you can request the data you need and leave the data you don't need. Read more in this article.

Api Structure

Filtering and Sorting

Filtering and Sorting in another widely used and loved characteristic of our API. It means you can request the data the way you want it to, by adding the proper filtering and sorting commands. Read more in this article.


Sometimes responses return more than 1000 results with a lot of data per result. On certain endpoints pagination is used instead of returning all 1000 or more results at once. Pagination instead delivers the first 100 results by default and some meta data about the next pages. You can easily go to the next page by adding &page=2 to your request.

You can now also determine the number of results per page from 10-150 by yourself. So just add &per_page=150 to your request.

Please note that including a lot of relationships might result in failed responses due to memory limits. We need to protect the uptime of the API and therefor you might hit the memory limit of 2GB when requesting too much data at once.


Now also available on Postman! The Soccer API is fully documentend and can be used to make request just like our own API tester. Postman makes it easier to test all available endpoints without having the need for any development environment. You import our Soccer API collection with the button below. Run in Postman


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or get in touch with our sales team.

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