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A fixtures moves between several statuses. It has an initial status,can be delayed, has been finished or any of the statuses described below.

Definition Explanation Information
NS Not Started The initial status of a game.
LIVE Live The game is currently inplay.
HT Half-time The game currently is in half-time.
FT Full-time The game has ended after 90 minutes.
ET Extra-time The game currently is in extra time, can happen in knockout games.
PEN_LIVE Penalty Shootout ET status didn't get a winner, penalties are taken to determine the winner.
AET Finished after extra time The game has finished after 120 minutes.
BREAK Regular time finished Waiting for extra time or penalties to start.
FT_PEN Full-Time after penalties Finished after penalty shootout.
CANCL Cancelled The game has been cancelled.
POSTP PostPoned The game has been postponed.
INT Interrupted The game has been interrupted. Can be due to bad weather.
ABAN Abandoned The game has abandoned and will continue at a later time or day.
SUSP Suspended The game has suspended and will continue at a later time or day.
AWARDED Awarded Winner is beeing decided externally.
DELAYED Delayed The game is delayed so it wil start later.
TBA To Be Announced Fixture will be updated with exact time later.
WO Walk Over Awarding of a victory to a contestant because there are no other contestants.
AU Awaiting Updates Can occur when there is a connectivity issue or something.
Deleted Deleted Game is not available anymore via normal api calls because it has been replaced. This can happen in leagues that have a lot of changes in their schedules. The games can still be retrieved by adding deleted=1 to your request so you can update your system properly..

Event type definitions

We host several events related to a fixture. Find below the event types with description or their meaning.

Definition Explanation
goal A goal has been scored.
penalty Penalty has been scored.
missed_penalty Penalty has been missed (* only available for major leagues).
own-goal Own goal
var Information about VAR events like cancelled goals etc.
yellowcard Yellowcard is given for player
yellowred 2nd yellow card for player resulting in red card.
redcard Direct red card.
substitution A player got substituted and new player got in.
pen_shootout_goal Penalty in penalty shootout has been scored.
pen_shootout_miss Penalty in penalty shootout has been missed.


Below you can find a list of possible lineup formations

3-1-4-2 3-2-4-1 3-3-1-3 3-3-3-1 3-4-1-2 3-4-2-1
3-4-3 3-5-1-1 3-5-2 4-1-2-3 4-1-3-2 4-1-4-1
4-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 4-2-4 4-3-1-2 4-3-2-1 4-3-3
4-4-1-1 4-4-2 4-2-4 4-5-1 5-2-3 5-3-2

Weather Types

Weather can be of great influence on the final result of a game or on the performance of the teams. A list of possible conditions is given below.

Code Explanation

Pitch Types

The status of the pitch can also be of great influence on the final result of a game or on the performance of the teams. A list of possible conditions is given below.

Code Explanation
Wet and Fast
Artificial Turf
Slow due to water
Uneven and|cutting up
Hard and Frozen

Response Codes

Whenever you receive an unexpected response, or are experiencing unexpected behaviour, you should check the request's HTTP response code and reference it with the table below. The following are all possible HTTP response codes for any request made to the API:

Code Description
200 The request was successful and data is returned.
400 It seems that some part of the request is malformed. The exact reason is returned in the response.
401 The request is not authenticated.
403 Not authorized. Indicates you're attempting to access a feed which is not accesible from your plan.
429 Too Many Requests. In order to make the API as responsive as possible, you have an hourly request limit. The limit for your current subscription can be found in any successfull response. Check the "meta" section to find out your limit.
500 An internal error has occurred, and has been logged for further inspection. Please email support if you are receiving this error.


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or get in touch with our sales team.

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