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Adding the relationship include &include=valuebet to your API requests will return the Value Bets for the Fixtures in your request. For example by using the Fixture endpoint or Livescore endpoint.

With Value Bets we combine the power of our algorithm with the available Bookmakers and Markets. We provide you the bookmaker with the highest odd for the match winner market. The Value Bet API is processing thousands of historical odds data and market trends to find Value opportunities, compared against bookmakers odds. More info can be found here.

Common additions to the API requests with the Fixture and Livescore endpoints are &include=localTeam,visitorTeam,probability,valuebet.

Please note that our algorithm detects Value Bets based on the value of the odd and our Predictions. Therefore, not every match has a Value Bet available.

Field Description

bet: 1 = home, x = draw, 2 = away
bookmaker: The name of the bookmaker with the best odd
odd: The odd provided by the bookmaker
stake: The stake is helping to manage the risk that the model would take in the bet. The risk is measured with the volatility of the profit and loss of the Value Bet Strategy. The stake is calculated in order to have an average risk of one unit.
fair_odd: Our algorithm allows you to find the fair odd of a value. The fair odd is useful to play against bookmakers that are not listed in Sportmonks. Any odd above the fair odd can be considered as Value.

Relationship Details

Below you can find the details for this relationship.

Name Value
Relationship: valuebet
Nested Relationships: No nested relationships available for this endpoint.
Parameters: No parameters available for this endpoint.
Include Example:


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