Welcome To SportMonks Football/Soccer API V2.0

At SportMonks we now cover 1000+ Leagues. Especially for Major Leagues, all Football Data you need is available. Whether your application requires our Livescore API, Statistics, Odds, Full Season Fixtures, (historical) Results, or anything else, the SportMonks Football Data API is what you need.

We have built a well-structured, flexible and fast JSON REST API. Our API makes it easy to customize your JSON responses. Extensive Documentation with an API reference Guide and in Page API testing will make the integration a party for every developer.

Please follow the steps below to help you get started!

1 Watch our Short Video Tutorial: In the video above we’re going to explain how you can use our Football Data API. We will discuss how you can create your API-token and how you can make your first request. At the end of this video you should be able to kick-off your own football data application.

2 Check out our Technical Guide: To kickstart your experience we created a step-by-step technical guide for you. In this guide we will give you some basic understanding on how our API works. But more important: we give some useful tips about Filtering, Nested Includes and Pagination. You can subscribe to our Technical Guide when you visit this page

3 Create your API-Token: You can create your API token via the settings page. For security reasons, the API-token will only be shown to you when you create it. Please make sure to store your token safely.

4 Make your first request: To authorize a request to our API, you must add a parameter to your request called api_token. The value of this parameter is the actual token you received when you created it. An example of a request:


5 Explore and learn about the endpoints: We’ve created some awesome documentation pages to help you with your request. You will get a basic response of our API per default, but thanks to our flexibility it is easy to enrich your response using includes. On every endpoint page you can find information about the endpoint, includes and how you can filter your response. Make sure to check them out. You can find more information about how includes work here

6 Demo Response Files: We have generated some example files so you can easily see what we have to offer. The example JSON files will also help you build your implementation. You can check them here.

Before you start using the API we suggest you to read the following articles so you know how to make full benefit of the API. Default requests return minimal responses. Important to know is how to load relational data like teams, events, lineups, statistics and much more.


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or get in touch with our sales team.

This article was last updated on 2019-01-17 15:25:41

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