Release Notes


Important changes to the API will be dropped and described here. In case of any breaking changes we will notify you via email and provide a change guide 7 days upfront.

2019-01-04 - Odds Speed Improvements & Comparison include We have added a significant speed upgrade in updating the odds. Nex tot his we have also launced a so called `oddComparison` include which contains more bookmakers for comparison.
2018-05-30 - New Endpoint & Examples Added endpoint to retrieve odds market information. Added section in documentation to download demo JSON responses. Added type property on stage level to better indicate the type of stage. possible values are: Qualifying, Group Stage and Knock Out.
2018-05-22 - LIVE Group Standings We have added the option to pass in a group_id parameters when requesting LIVE standings for cups. so, for example, when you add group_id=185 you will get LIVE standings for Group A of worldcup 2018 season.
2018-05-16 - Venues Per Season Level New endpoint added to get all venues of a particular season.


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