Football API 3.0 Beta version is live

The long-awaited Football API 3.0 Beta version is live.


You are probably interested in the new version of our Football API. Well, great news: our API 3.0 Beta version is ready to be tested.

With the new API 3.0 version coming closer new documentation is necessary. You can find everything you need to know about endpoints, authentication, rate limit, query complexity, response codes, statuses, types and definitions and more.

The first place to stop by would be the “differences between API 2 and API 3” and “what’s new?” pages.

What is new in API 3.0?

We will first give you a sneak peek of what is new and different on this page. This way, you have an idea of what this update will bring Sportmonks’ Football API. We are proud of this new version and are excited to share it with you!

New endpoints in Football API 3.0

In API 3.0, there are multiple new endpoints, as mentioned before. Examples are the transfer endpoints, referees endpoints, and schedule endpoints.

Other endpoints are added to receive more information about your subscription. You can find all your endpoints, data features, and leagues.

Another new option is to search for names for all entities with a name field.

Finally, Sportmonks has created an endpoint to show what kind of data features a specific league has. This way, you can check if a particular league has lineups.

New Football API 3.0 data features

We have listened to all feedback, issues, and other comments our customers have shared. Sportmonks is here for you, and thanks to your feedback, we can improve our API even further.

Not only did we listen to your feedback, but we also included many of your ideas in API 3.0!

Here you can find a (small) list of new data features in our Football API:

  • Ball coordinates (semi-live)
  • Predictive lineup
  • Coach statistics
  • Referee statistics
  • Extra predictions
  • Placeholder games available (finals etc.)
  • Offside events for major leagues
  • Shots on/off target events for major leagues
  • Forecast weather report
  • Period statistics
  • More statistics in general

Other updates in API 3.0

The core and odds endpoints are no longer sport specific. They have their own documentation pages and are related to all sports released in API 3.0.

Another change is the rate limit. This will be counted per entity in the new version instead of per endpoint. More about this will follow shortly, as we are still testing our Beta version.

Here you can find a small list of other updates:

  • Updated syntax
  • New endpoints
  • Detailed player position
  • Bal tracker
  • League priority
  • States and types
  • Select the fields you need
  • Strict typing
  • And many more

More on the way

Last but not least, we have added detailed player positions. Instead of only being able to see if a player is a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, or attacker, you can now see if he is a fullback, striker or any of the other positions based on detailed position IDs.

More changes are coming. Our Beta version is in the testing phase. While our partners and customers are testing the Beta version, our developers are working on fixes and other chances.

Further information can be found on our Football API page and our documentation.