Champions League xG (Expected Goals)

The biggest club tournament in the world is the Champions League. Your application can’t miss this tournament, and you need to combine this with the hottest statistics in football.

The UEFA Champions League: The most prestigious Football Competition

Yes, you can show the number of goals scored, the average number of goals per match, or the period in which most goals are scored. That is cool, but not as cool as the hottest statistic in football: xG!

The Champions League is the biggest tournament, and xG is the hottest statistic. Now that that is out of the way, you will know what to do, right? Create the best Football Application centered around Champions League xG.

Champions League Stats

The Champions League is the biggest club tournament in the world! So, if you plan on building a football application, you must showcase Champions League stats. The most important statistic is the number of goals scored by teams and players because the winner is decided by goals. But have you already heard about the hottest statistic in football? Expected Goals (xG) is booming, and with UEFA Champions League statistics, you will stand out with your unique application!

Your application will amaze your fans if you deliver Champions League xG data. But before implementing xG, you need to know how it works. So, let’s have a look at xG data for the Champions League quarter-finals.

Expected goals in the Champions League quarter-finals

Let’s take a look at the Champions League xG stats in action. Below, you will see an image with all the xG values of the quarter-final teams and the goals they scored. The matchup that catches the eye immediately is the Real Madrid – Manchester City matchup. Manchester City outscored Real Madrid based on xG by 2.65 goals. However, Manchester City underperformed their xG significantly, scoring only 4 goals out of 4.96 xG. The real surprise, however, is the overperformance of Real Madrid. They had an xG of only 2.31 over the 2 fixtures but scored 4 goals out of these chances. As discussed in our blog, it is a mistake to say Manchester City deserved the win more based on this statistic. You can say that Manchester City created the better opportunities but forgot to score, while Real Madrid was way more efficient with their chances.

Now, let’s move on to the other matches that were played in the quarter-finals. Arsenal met old Ford Bayern München. As you can see, Bayern created chances with a total xG value of 1,51 goals higher than Arsenal’s. They outscored Arsenal by one goal while underperforming (-0,72). Arsenal also underperformed (-0,21) but was more efficient than Bayern.





The third matchup we want to discuss is Dortmund vs. Atletico Madrid. Dortmund overperformed their xG (0,67) and scored one more goal than Atletico Madrid. However, Atletico outperformed their xG (1,10), which provided the necessary excitement.

Finally, PSG outclassed Barcelona (maybe due to the red card in the first half) in the second leg. PSG overperformed their xG by 1,93. Even though Barcelona overperformed (1,24) as well, it wasn’t enough to hold PSG off.

What else do we see? The teams were overperforming the xG by 4,74 (32 goals minus 27,26 xG). That means we have seen more goals than expected based on the quality of chances the teams created. By looking at this statistic, you could say the fans were the victors. You cannot expect any team to overperform all the time. However, if you expect a team to overperform xG, you should expect it from the teams that are acting on the highest stage possible in football, the Champions League. These are not some kind of amateurs, of course. That is the downside of xG. It doesn’t include the quality of the player taking the shot in its calculation.

If you take a look at attackers like Mbappé or Vinicius JR. you would expect them to overperform, but if you look at the third-tier league players in Azerbaijan, you cannot expect as much. Yet again, don’t expect Kane or any of the best players in the world to overperform their xG all the time. The contrary is true. Even the best teams and players will underperform in some matches or seasons. It has to do with quality, form, and a bit of luck, not only on their side but also on the opponents’ side.

Now what?

After reading this page, you know much more about Champions League xG. Now, it is time to start implementing xG in your application, as fans crave an application that offers everything they want to know about the Champions League.

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