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Danish Football is fantastic, not convinced? Denmark won the European Championship, FIFA Confederations Cup and the Olympic Games once.

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Denmark National Team

“We are red, we are white, we are Danish Dynamite,” thanks to their EURO 84′ song, the Denmark National Team is also known as Danish Dynamite. Telia Parken, 38,065 seats, is the National Team’s home ground. It also serves as the home ground for FC Copenhagen.

Famous Danish Footballers
Kasper and Peter Schmeichel, Poul Nielsen, John Dahl Tomasson, just a handful of famous football players from Denmark. They all had a significant impact on their national team and football clubs. Nielsen and Tomasson are, in 2022, still the shared top scorer of the national team. Peter Schmeichel won major trophies with Manchester United, such as the Champions League and Premier League. His son, Kasper Schmeichel, won the Premier League with Leicester City on the 2nd of May.

Denmark’s Euro 2020

Football lovers from all over the world held their breath on the 12th of June, 2021. One of the best Danish footballers, Christian Eriksen, collapsed in Denmark’s EURO 2020 opener against Finland at Parken Stadium. Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest just before halftime.

Team captain Simon Kjaer rushed over to his teammate and friend and started CPR. When the doctors arrived, Simon formed a shield with the Danish squad to protect Eriksen from the cameras. The team doctor, Morten Boesen, later said that Christian Eriksen was “gone” before the resuscitation. The match between Finland was completed a few hours later. Denmark lost 0-1.

Inspired by the tragedy of their teammate and friend, who stabilized in the hospital, Denmark made it to the semi-final. They lost 2-1 against England due to a controversial given penalty.

Some key statistics of Denmark in the EURO 2020

  • 6 games played: 3 wins and 3 losses
  • 12 goals scored
  • 7 goals conceded
  • 5 yellow and 0 red cards
  • An average player rating of 6.92

Next to these statistics, it’s possible to retrieve detailed stats like passes, shots, tackles, and their accuracy.

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Denmark Group Stage Stats

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        "id": 18583,
        "legacy_id": 202,
        "name": "Denmark",
        "short_code": "DEN",
        "twitter": null,
        "country_id": 320,
        "national_team": true,
        "founded": 1889,
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        "venue_id": 5655,
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        "stats": {
            "data": [
                    "team_id": 18583,
                    "season_id": 15733,
                    "stage_id": 77442469,
                    "win": {
                        "total": 1,
                        "home": 0,
                        "away": 1
                    "draw": {
                        "total": 0,
                        "home": 0,
                        "away": 0
                    "lost": {
                        "total": 2,
                        "home": 2,
                        "away": 0
                    "goals_for": {
                        "total": 5,
                        "home": 1,
                        "away": 4
                    "goals_against": {
                        "total": 4,
                        "home": 3,
                        "away": 1
                    "clean_sheet": {
                        "total": 0,
                        "home": 0,
                        "away": 0
                    "failed_to_score": {
                        "total": 1,
                        "home": 1,
                        "away": 0
                    "penalties": {
                        "awarded": 0,
                        "scored": 0,
                        "conceded": 1
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