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The most important information for any football fan is receiving the football scores of the favourite team. If you cannot watch the match, you want to know all the football scores as soon as possible. These days there are many ways to get the football scores from all over the world quickly.

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One of the ways you can receive football scores is by using an application or website on your phone or computer. These websites and applications use an API to make it possible to receive football scores as fast as possible. At Sportmonks, we want to go further and offer you the API and the chance to implement our (live)score widget into your project.

The time of excessive programming and spending hours of effort to create a live score page is over! With the Sportmonks football (live)score widget, you can copy and paste 8 lines of code, and we arrange everything for you! Creating your football application has never been easier.

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Why should you offer the football scores?

These days almost any football application can offer football scores, and you should be able to do this as well. This is where Sportmonks can help. Besides offering the livescore widget, we also offer our API, which contains the football scores for over 2,000 football leagues worldwide. By using Sportmonks API, you can be sure to receive the most reliable statistics.

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At Sportmonks, we first started by wanting to create a fantasy football game. We quickly concluded that we had to choose between reliable football scores or affordable football scores. We felt that there had to be another way and started data collecting ourselves. After being in the world of football APIs for almost a decade, we can say that we are proud to offer our product and know that we can offer both; reliable and affordable football scores.

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We at Sportmonks are very confident in our football scores. This is why we want to offer everyone the chance to try out the Football API for free with our 14-day free trial, which can contain any of our plans. Besides the 14-day free trial, we have a for-ever free plan which consists of the Danish Superliga and the Scottish Premiership.

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Memorable football scores in the last few years

In the last few years, we have had some fantastic football games. We have made a list of some of the craziest football scores we will remember for our whole life.

Barcelona VS Paris Saint Germain (2017)

In 2017, a football match between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) unfolded, etching itself into the annals of sporting history. It was the second leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16, and the Camp Nou stadium was buzzing with anticipation. Having lost the first leg 4-0, Barcelona faced a seemingly impossible task.

The game however started well for Barcelona and they got the opening goal in the second minute making it 4-1 in total. Just before halftime Barcelona secured a second goal to make it 4-2 on aggregate. After Messi made it 4-3 PSG scored straight after to make it 5-3. In the 88th’ minute Neymar made the game close by scoring a freekick. Then the moment every Barcelona fan was dreaming for happened as Barcelona got a penalty in the 91th’ minute. Neymar stepped up to take the penalty and made it 4-4 in total. Barcelona would still be out as they scored less away goals but then the impossible happened. In the 96’th minute Sergio Roberto scored another goal for FC Barcelona to make it 5-4 a total of 5-4 football score which meant Barcelona would go trough in the Champions League.

Brazil vs Germany (2014)

In 2014, Brazil and Germany clashed in the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup, and what transpired was a match that would be remembered for a long time in football history. The game began with high hopes for Brazil, the host nation, but their dreams quickly turned into a nightmare. Germany unleashed an onslaught of goals, stunning the world as they raced to a 5-0 lead within just 29 minutes. The Brazilian fans were left in shock and disbelief as Germany continued their dominance, ultimately securing a resounding 7-1 football score. The match was a defining moment that showcased the ruthless efficiency of the German team and left an indelible mark on Brazil’s footballing legacy. Football fans will never forget this crazy football score.

Manchester City 3-2 QPR

In an encounter during the final matchday of the 2011-2012 English Premier League season, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers (QPR) faced a battle that would determine the league champions. With just minutes remaining, QPR’s Djibril Cisse scored a stunning goal, levelling the score at 2-2 and putting City’s title hopes in jeopardy. The tension was palpable as the clock ticked down, and it seemed like QPR might spoil City’s dreams. However, in the 94th minute, Sergio Aguero etched his name in Manchester City folklore, receiving a pass inside the box and unleashing a powerful shot into the net. The goal secured a dramatic 3-2 football score, being a victory for Manchester City, crowning them as Premier League champions in the most dramatic way imaginable. The scenes of celebration at the Etihad Stadium were insane as City fans rejoiced in the triumph of their team’s never-say-die spirit. As commentator Martin Tyler famously said: “I swear you will never see anything like this ever again!”