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Importance of a reliable football score API

We have been there ourselves. Almost a decade ago, our CEO and CTO wanted to create a fantasy game. However, it was impossible for two starters to get reliable football data for an affordable price. Reliable data was way too expensive, while affordable or cheap data was simply a waste of money. Without reliable data, your users will walk straight to your competitors.

Our CEO and CTO decided that enough was enough. They decided to start collecting data themselves! Before they knew it, they had an amazing pile of data, and it was time to share this with the masses. The problem we once faced is now fully solved, and we will try to help as many startups and renowned companies as possible.

With more than 800 customers, our API shows its power every day. Below are some of our well-known customers you might know.

Customers who went ahead

How to choose the right football score API for your sports app

Now more than ever, there is a high demand for football data. Think about it. There are livescore applications, betting platforms, schedule pages, fantasy games comparison websites, analysis platforms, and more. They all have two things in common: Football Data and Fan engagement.

The use cases are enormous, and companies, football clubs, news agencies, and others are trying to keep the fans engaged. The fans expect to get as much information as possible in one place to support their team as fanatically as possible. They don’t want to miss a thing because they talk to their colleagues and friends about their favourite sport and team daily! Nobody wants to miss out.

Are you willing to let your users down? Or do you want to encourage them to support their favourite team?

Integrating the Football Score API

We collect, verify and share the data. The only thing you need to do is subscribe to a trial in our MySportmonks environment!  Test the data, and once you are convinced, integrate the data into your application.

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2. Master it.

With our adaptable, intuitive API, supported by top-notch documentation and continuous customer assistance, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


3. Wow with it.

Developers will find it indispensable, while users will trust it. Sportmonks stands as the affordable and trustworthy football data partner your company rightfully deserves.

Boosting your users/fans experience

The most important thing for your application to be successful is the user experience. Keep that in mind when developing your app. Is everything easy to find? Does everything work intuitively? Is the customer able to find everything they need? How fast is your application? If my friends receive a notification before I do when we are in the same room, I might actually start downloading a new application right away!

The future of sports data

Of course, we can talk about the future of sports data. But before talking about Blockchain, AR and VR, enhanced real-time data, AI, and all kinds of other incredible innovations that might have a place in the world of sports data, we want to look at something more tangible for everybody. For a couple of years, xG has been the main thing in the world of football data. It is not only football analysts, coaches, scouts, and technical directors who are interested in xG. No, your app users are interested too! Football fans want to know everything about xG and insights beyond statistics. Because that is the story of the game!

Sportmonks offers xG, and if you want to be part of the future of sports data and applications, you need to provide xG to your users! So, don’t stay behind; get xG now!