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With Sportmonks Football Widgets you will save a lot of time and resources.

  • Football data worldwideThe Football Widgets are easy to implement and even easier to use. Because from the moment you implement the football widgets, you don´t have to do anything anymore.
  • Football data worldwideMaintenance is done by our developers, and the widgets will request our API every time it is needed.
  • Football data worldwideOur Football widgets were created by developers who are passionate about football and dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.
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Roger Cook

Why Sportmonks

Sportmonks see themselves as your guide. We want to be in the background while you are in the spotlight.

Our platform is easy to use, and our customer service team is second to none, making app development a breeze. Don’t navigate the complex world of sports data alone. Choose Sportmonks for reliable data and expert support every step of the way.

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Here are some of the questions our customers ask us a lot. If you need any other information please visit our FAQ.

Are you not able to find the information you need? Please visit our contact page and get to know our team of support.

Can I try the Football Widgets for free?
Yes, if you are a first time customer you can use the 14-day trial to try the Football Widgets. Please do keep in mind you an active football subscription.
Do I need another API token for the Football Widgets to work?
No, the API token generated with your football subscription will also be used for the Football Widgets.
How do the Football widgets look and feel?
Well, you can find previews and live examples at the following places: First of all, on this page, we have placed the widget for you to get a feel for the Football Live score Widget. In our Documentation you can find how to set up your widget. Finally, we have set up a Live example of the Football Widget in My.Sportmonks. Please visit the Live Widget example to find out how the Livescore Widget looks, works and feels.
What happens to my API Calls when using the Football Widgets?
By default, our plans have a rate limit of 2.000 API Calls per endpoint per hour. However, getting a plan with more API calls is always possible. You can expand your API calls by adding an add-on to your subscription or by emailing Sportmonks' support team. The API requests are not made per page visitor. This means there is no difference in the number of API calls being made when the Football Widget has only one or over a hundred-page visitors.
How to start implementing the Football Widgets?
You can create an account via our dedicated My Sportmonks platform. Choose or create a plan and make sure you activate the Football widget in your plan. If you already have a subscription:
  1. Add the widget to your subscription
  2. Set your domain
  3. Configure your widget
  4. Copy-paste your embed code into your app or website
Do you need more information to find out how to set up your Football Widget? You can find all information on our documentation pages.