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Do you want to showcase all important football data from your favourite team or league? The easiest way to do this is by copying and pasting a short line of code into your web application. Easy-to-use and customisable football widgets are available for everyone!

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We’ve got 18 Football widgets available now, but we’re constantly working on new ones to add. Our widgets can be divided into four categories: League, Team, Livescore and tournament. Each category comes with its own perks and style. Whether you have a single league or thousands of them, our widgets can display all the leagues you want. All our widgets are highly customisable and have various display options. Excited to see our customisable widgets? Take a look at them below!

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League widgets

Display your favourite league in your application in just a few clicks. Whether you’re interested in the schedule, statistics or standings, our league widgets have got what you’re dreaming of.

Schedule widget
With our league schedule widget, you can easily display a schedule with upcoming fixtures of your preferred league, such as the Premier League or Champions League, and choose to display it either by round or stage.
Team stats widget
The League team stats widget displays the rankings of the teams in a league based on various statistics. You can showcase the team statistics of the teams in your league. The team widget includes all statistics such as attacks, goals, tackles, shots, ball possession, corners, and more!
Standings widget
The League standings widget allows you to choose the league you want to display and presents the complete league table. It includes the number of matches played, won, drawn, and lost. Additionally, it shows the goals scored, goals conceded, and goal difference, as well as the points and form of all teams.

Livescore widgets

Our livescore widget is tailored to your needs. You can provide a full overview of all the matches being played that day, with events like cards, goals and substitutions included. Everything a football fan can dream of!

Football widget Champions League matches


Match Centre
Do you only want to showcase the Match Centre instead of the complete schedule? We’ve got you covered! You can display various match statistics, trends, commentaries, lineups, and other relevant information. This widget provides a detailed overview of any match you select.

Football widget Liverpool-Manchester United


Team widgets

Our team widgets are perfect to show all the data from your users’ favourite team. Like matches or the full squad and the statistics of each player in that squad; our team widgets have got you covered.

Team squad widgets
For football fans, team squad pages are often the most popular as they allow fans to discuss their favorite teams and players at length. Fans can spend hours comparing individual player stats to determine the team's best or most valuable player.
Team latest widget
Display the recent matches of your preferred team and keep your audience updated on their performance. Whether they are on a winning streak or going through a rough patch, showcasing the results of the latest games can help fans stay in the loop and assess the team's current form.

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  • Football data worldwideOur Football widgets were created by developers who are passionate about football and dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.


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Can I try the Football Widgets for free?
Yes, if you are a first-time customer, you can use the 14-day trial to try the Football Widgets.
Do I need an API token for the Football Widgets to work?
Maintenance is done by our developers, and the widgets will request our API every time it is needed. Therefore, no API token is required.
How do the Football widgets look and feel?
You can preview all widgets on Next to that, you can find how to set up your widgets on our Documentation.
How to start implementing the Football Widgets?
To get started, if you're interested in any of our widgets, you can easily request them by heading to My.Sportmonks. If you haven't created an account yet, you'll need to do so first. Once you're signed up, navigate to the My Widgets page under Football Widgets in mySportmonks. This page provides an overview of all available widgets; you can manage them from here.
Here, you can easily request the widgets you're interested in.
Option 1: Opt for a default widget package We’ve created default widget packages: European Widgets, WorldWide Widgets and Enterprise Widgets. The packages are based on the default API plans, meaning they have the same leagues available. Option 2: Choose a custom widget subscription Besides the default packages, you can create custom widget subscriptions. There is an option to select their preferred widgets, data features and leagues. Option 3: A default widget package and a custom widget subscription There is also an option to combine options 1 and 2. Meaning that you can subscribe to a default and custom widget package. Please follow our detailed guide: "How-to create your widget in three steps", guide for more information about selecting and integrating your football widget.