Sportmonks’ comprehensive Champions League API

Get all the data on the most prestigious international European club competition with Sportmonks’s Champions League Football API.

High-quality Champions League data

Are you interested in the performances of teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and Manchester City in the biggest international club competition?

Choosing Sportmonks means choosing quality. We offer the perfect Champions League experience with high-quality real-time flexible Football Data.

Our data is always up-to-date with all the scores, match results and player and squad statistics.
Making it ideal for anything football-related, be it fantasy games, iGaming, betting websites or livescore applications.

Choose us as your data provider to enjoy a fast, reliable and affordable Football API.

Why choose our Champions League API?

We’ve built our Football API based on the needs of our customers. As football enthusiasts ourselves, we know the importance of fast livescores and accurate data like statistics.

Besides the great features included in our data solutions, we also pride ourselves on providing the best customer support possible.

Explore our API
Fast livescores
Quick and accurate livescores and events
Extensive statistics
Access to season, player and team statistics
Worldwide coverage
We cover over 1,300 football leagues
Excellent customer support
We offer fast and friendly support. We strive to respond within a day.
Affordable pricing
Competitive pricing for high-quality sports data
Easy API integration
Our API's flexibility and in-depth documentation makes for easy integration

Extensive data features

What’s more exciting than the Champions League? Knowing that you have all the latest data at your fingertips to deploy on your sports application.

We at Sportmonks have a large selection of various data features that span the entirety of the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, just a few names of the popular players who perform in the Champions League. Track how they perform in this competition with detailed statistics and player ratings.

Select your football data features

  • Match schedules and historical matches
  • Match statistics and events
  • Complete team squads and match formations
  • (Live) league scores
  • (Live) odds
  • And much more!
See all our data features

Flexible football API

Our customers love the flexibility of our APIs.  You’re free to choose whatever data you want. Only interested in the livescores? Then choose to only focus on those within your plan.

Making API requests, but do you want to leave out certain elements? You can! Both our API and football data plans are highly flexible.

You’ll only pay for the data that you need.


Champions League livescores
The Champions League is one of the most popular leagues. Quick and accurate livescores and events are a must-have. Choose our Sportmonks API and experience accurate Champions League Football Data.
Champions League match stats
Keep your users updated with real-time match statistics. We cover a variety of attacking, defensive and overall match statistics. Furthermore, we have the line-ups and in-game player statistics available.
Champions League team season statistics
Follow the statistics of all-time cup winners Real Madrid and other teams in the Champions League. We offer season based statistics per team.