Live Football Stats

Chances are that while you are reading this, a football match is in play somewhere in the world. It could be in Europe, Asia, South America, or elsewhere. If a match is currently in play, there will also be live football stats.

Keep your head in the game with your ultimate data companion

You probably recognise the situation: you are busy and can’t watch the game with your favourite team(s), but you have a few seconds to take a look at your phone. You have a couple of sources to find out how your team is doing. But you are not satisfied enough if you only know the current score and minute of the match. No, you want more; you want to see all the statistics to help you understand what is happening in the match. Only seeing a 0-0 or 1-2 score isn’t enough to know what is happening. You want to see the possession, attacks, passes, shots, shots on targets, and all the other live stats you can think of to determine if your team will turn the game around and win. Statistics don’t say everything, but they can give important insights into the game’s story.

That is where Sportmonks comes in. We guide you through the sea of live Football data. Don’t worry—you can sit back and relax while we collect your favourite teams and leagues’ statistics! Create your own application and share this data with thousands of app users. Is this something you dream of? What is holding you back? We have the data, and you have the capabilities to create your application. Just do it; create the future of sports.

How to get Live Football Match Stats?

Your application should include all kinds of live football match stats during a game. So, how do you get your hands on these statistics? Easy: Join forces with Sportmonks. We have all kinds of Live Match statistics and can provide them to you. Sportmonks already has 800+ customers. Among our customers are some amazing names.

How do you get Live Player stats?

You can access Sportmonks Football API and join forces with over 800 customers to get live player stats. You can make requests to our API at any time. You just need to request the right endpoints and use the right includes to get all the Football data you need. Do you want to know how many shots Erling Haaland attempted? Or are you only interested in the number of passes or actual goals? Don’t worry. We have got your back.

Live Football Stats Applications

Some examples are Fotmob, Fotboll,, Elevenstats, Flashscore, livescore, Whoscored, and many more.

Others that try to compete with applications and websites are online news sites like Sky Sports and the Guardian. Well, just try to Google some, and you will find how popular Live Football Stats applications are.

But are you ready to start competing with the best of the best? We offer Live Football Stats to anyone eager to start dominating the market.

We have created Live Football Stats widgets! Dive into the next section to find out more.


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