Sportmonks’ Products: Sports APIs

Sportmonks provides sports data via our APIs. At the moment, Sportmonks offers Football, Cricket and F1 data. Besides the data for these three sports, there is more to find at Sportmonks.

Before diving in!

Before diving into our products, let us discover why Sportmonks exists. “We are here to make sports data available for everyone.” So, what does that mean? Sportmonks wants to ensure everybody can access reliable sports data for an affordable price. The reasons for this are as follows.

Back in the days when our CEO and CTO were at the beginning of their own journey, they wanted to create a fantasy game., There was only one thing in their way. Finding good data for an affordable price seemed impossible. The data was cheap and bad or great but costing a fortune.

Then, it popped into their minds: “Let’s start collecting data ourselves.” Before they knew it, they had a product they had been looking for themselves a while ago. “It was too good to keep for ourselves, so we started selling access to our collected data.”

Almost a decade later, the goal is still to provide data to a wide range of people, from single developers trying to build a hobby project to professional media agencies, sports clubs and big businesses. Everyone deserves a chance to get their hands on reliable data, and Sportmonks wants to offer this for a fair and reasonable price.

Products: APIs

You made it to our APIs. We offer three different sports via our APIs: the Football API, the Cricket API, and the F1 API.

Football API

Our Football API is the biggest of the three. It has the most (detailed) data, leagues, and features. The Football API covers over 2,200 leagues worldwide, and we keep adding new ones.

The Football API subscriptions are divided into three default plans: a European Plan (27 leagues), a Worldwide Plan (111 leagues), and an Enterprise Plan (2,200+ leagues). A fully customisable Custom Plan is also possible (football leagues of your choice).

Furthermore, each plan is available in three default categories: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. The difference between these categories is the number of features available. For example, the trends, live standings and live odds are exclusively available in the Advanced package. If one of our default categories does not perfectly fit your needs there is a fourth option: Custom data features. Select the data features you need access to.

More on this can be found on our plans & pricing, and coverage page.

In addition to all leagues and features in our API, we have some additional features (our Add-ons). We will explain them in more detail below.

Football Add-ons

Expected Goals Metrics

This game-breaking statistic found its way to Sportmonks. With our xG metrics, you can gain insights that others fail to see, keeping you two steps ahead of your competition.

Read more about xG Data

Use the predictions to beat the bookies.

Predictions API

The Predictions API has been available for many years and is trusted by many of our customers. With the Prediction API, you can find the best Predictions and Value Bets to beat the bookies.

Read more about Predictions

Get ready to elevate your sports betting experience to new heights with Sportmonks and TXODDS by your side.

Premium Odds Feed

The Premium Odds Feed is a collaboration with TXODDS, one of the most renowned names in the Odds branch. Find and share the best odds, and beat the bookies with your community or yourself.

Read more about the Premium Odds Feed

An example of an active Pressure index

Pressure Index

With the Pressure Index, you can showcase which team is or has been dominating the match. Visualise both teams’ pressure and give your users an idea of how the match unfolds.

Read more about the Pressure Index

The news API:Engaging historical content written by experts and tailored to drive conversations on multiple platforms.

News API

With our News API, you can display the latest news for each fixture, keeping your users in the loop on everything happening.

Read more about the News API

Football stats widget on mobile


With our Football Widgets, you can show all relevant football data on your application website without the hassle of developing. Save precious time by copying a code line—as easily as you like.

Read more about the our widgets

Cricket API

Extensive coverage of 148 cricket leagues and tournaments. In-depth statistics such as ball-by-ball commentary, runs, batting and bowling scoreboards are all available in the Cricket API. The biggest leagues and tournaments, such as the World Cup, Big Bash League, Indian Premier League, and One Day International, are all there. Among them, there are over 140 other leagues and tournaments.

As we strive to fulfil our customers’ wishes and needs fully, we constantly add new leagues and features to our API.

The Cricket API is divided into three default plans: the Major plan (20 leagues), the World plan (64 leagues) and the Enterprise plan (144 leagues). A fully customisable Custom Plan is also possible (cricket leagues of your choice).

Unlike our Football API, we only provide one default category of data features for our Cricket API. All users will get access to all available data features for our Cricket API.

Swing your bat

Formula 1 API

Our F1 API includes the complete F1 season. Whatever track is added or removed before the start of the season, we will ensure that we have all the data for races, tracks, teams, and drivers .

Do you need data on Max Verstappen or a substitute driver? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. All lap times will be at your fingertips.

Race to success