SportMonks Formula 1 API Version 1.0

Welcome to the documentation section for the SportMonks Formula 1 API V1.0. On this page we aim to get you started with our Formula 1 API in minutes. If there are items missing on unclear you may send us a support request via our contact page.

All SportMonks API's are extremely flexible with the powerfull include option to enrich your dataset. The example responses that you will find on this documentation section are basic responses. With the usage of the include feature you are able to enrich your data set. Please note that responses might be paginated to prevent timeouts and memory_limit errors.

Please note that currently only the 2017 season is present. Historical season will be loaded soon.

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Making Your First Request

Before you are able to make requests to our API it is required that you have created an Account and an API token. You can create API tokens via the settings page which is available when you are logged in. The API token will only be shown to you when you create them. Please make sure that you store your token safely.

To authorize a request to our API you must add a parameter to your request called api_token. The value of this parameter is the actual token you received when you created it. SportMonks will measure the usage of all the tokens you have generated and will make them visible via your dashboard.

Please note that endpoint limits count against a user and not against a token. You can generate your token on this page.

curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" "