Soccer API V2.0 Documentation


Welcome to the SportMonks Soccer API v2.0 documentation. In this section of our website we hope to give you more insights in how our soccer API works so you can start implementing it in no time into your application.

Getting started

The API's we provide here at Sportmonks are fully customizable in terms of which data you want in your JSON responses. We do this with so called includes, which can be added to your request URL. To get an understanding of how this all works it is important to start reading the articles in the Getting Started category.

Browsing The API In Real-time

We offer dynamic documentation which automatically connects to your SportMonks user account if you are logged in. With this in place you have the ability to make realtime requests without leaving the documentation section. This is extremely helpful since you can play with includes, but you can also see the JSON structure which will kickstart your development perfectly!

{code} We offer the possibility to directly test our API's via the documentation! Whenever you see a button called "Test API" you can click it and a sidebar will show up! You can add includes that are available by a simple click. Subsequently you can copy the request url or download the response.

Leveraging Packages

Due to the great support of our community members we are able to kickstart your implementation even further. Below you can find a list of all available packages together with the version of the API they support.

Package Name Language Supports Repo
SportMonks PHP PHP 2.0 visit repo
Sportmonks Laravel PHP PHP (Laravel) 2.0 visit repo
SportMonks JAVA JAVA 2.0 visit repo
SportMonks Ruby Ruby 2.0 visit repo
SportMonks Soccer API NodeJS 2.0 visit repo
SportMonks Python Python 2.0 visit repo