Response Codes

Whenever you receive an unexpected response, or are experiencing unexpected behaviour, you should check the request's HTTP response code and reference the table below. The following are all possible HTTP response codes for any request made to the API.

Code Description
200 The request was successful and data is returned
400 It seems that some part of the request is malformed. The exact reason is returned in the response.
401 The request is not authenticated
403 Not authorized. Indicates you're attempting to access a feed which is not accesible from your plan.
429 Too Many Requests. In order to make the API as responsive as possible, you have an hourly request limit. The limit for your current subscription can be found in any successfull response. Check the "meta" section to find out your limit.
500 An internal error has occurred, and has been logged for further inspection. Please email support if you are receiving this error.