Copa America 2024 widgets

Copa America 2024 widgets provide a hassle-free solution for displaying all essential Copa America 2024 data. Copy and paste a line of code onto your website/application, and you’re all set. It’s as easy as that to offer your users everything they need.

Save time, save energy, save money

For developers, nothing frustrates them more than encountering bugs and slow performance, struggling to access the right resources, feeling the pressure of looming deadlines, and constantly receiving new requests.

For business owners, the frustration peaks when hiring expensive developers or agencies, requiring the creation of costly environments to showcase Copa America results and standings to website visitors or app users.

But there’s a solution that can alleviate these pains with just a single line of code. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s not. Our Copa America 2024 widgets have been launched, utilising every data feature the Sportmonks API provides. And the best part? You don’t have to do anything to access all this data and present it beautifully to your users, friends, colleagues, family, pets, or anyone else you wish to share it with.

How does it work?

More information on how to get your widget can be found here. If you are ready to request your widget, head to My.Sportmonks and start embedding your code.

Please read our documentation on how it works exactly.

1. Request

Request your widget package in My.Sportmonks

2. Configure

Configure your widget(s) and embed the code in your site/app

3. Enjoy

Enjoy high-quality and reliable football Data

Copa America 2024 Widgetpackage

For nearly a decade, we’ve garnered the trust of over 30,000 customers who rely on our data services. While many have previously opted for our Football API, our widgets have gained significant popularity since their introduction two years ago, particularly among those who appreciate football widgets.

Sportmonks offers four different Copa America 2024 Widgets.

What Copa America 2024 widgets do you offer?

Livescore widget

The Copa America 2024 Livescore widget is a vital tool thoughtfully designed to provide instant updates on all matches throughout the championship. Engineered for seamless integration into websites and applications, this widget offers users immediate access to live scores, enabling them to stay informed about the latest developments in every Copa America 2024 football match.


The Copa America 2024 Standings Widget is an indispensable resource meticulously crafted to display the latest standings of participating teams in the tournament. Specifically designed for effortless integration into websites and applications, this widget provides users with a convenient and efficient means to keep track of the rankings and positions of their preferred teams throughout the Copa America 2024 competition.


The Copa America 2024 Football Squad Widget is a remarkable utility crafted to offer in-depth insights into the teams competing in the tournament. This widget provides extensive information, including squad compositions and statistics, and is specifically optimized for integration into websites. It enables visitors to stay abreast of real-time updates about their favorite Copa America 2024 football teams.


The Copa America 2024 Topscorer Widget is an essential resource intricately designed to showcase the top goal scorers in the tournament. Tailored for effortless integration into websites, this widget offers users immediate access to statistics of the leading scorers, keeping them informed about the dynamic performances of players competing for the title of top scorer throughout the Copa America 2024. Who will claim the Golden Boot this year? Will it be Neymar, Richarlison, Núñez, Alvarez, or Messi?

What data do the widgets contain?

As previously noted, we offer four distinct Copa America 2024 widgets packed with invaluable data. Among them, the livescore widget stands out as the most comprehensive.

Choose the Widget package that

works for you


The basic package includes all basic Copa America 2024 widgets.

Starting at
€ 49,95
€ 525
paid monthly paid yearly
Get your widgets
  • Dark/Light Theme
  • Font customisation
  • Show/Hide logos and player images
  • Show/Header
  • Custom Title
  • Preferred group



The basic package includes all Advanced Copa Amercia 2024 widgets.

It has everything the basic variant has and more!

Starting at
€ 59,95
€ 629
paid monthly paid yearly
Get your widgets
  • Match centre (lineups, stats, events and more)
  • Live standings
  • Team select
  • Customisation of colours
  • Custom brand
  • Season filter


* All prices are exclusive of VAT and, where applicable, VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

So, what is included?

All the live scores of the Copa America 2024 tournament are covered. Sportmonks ensures real-time updates for every event and statistic.

  • Match previews
  • Livescores
  • Match Statistics
  • Match Events
  • Complete squads and player statistics
  • (Live) Standings
  • Lineups
  • Topscorers list (Goals, Assists, Yellow cards, and Red cards)
  • And more!

Are you ready for the Copa America 2024?

Sportmonks offers two methods for delivering football data to customers. The first option is through widgets, as detailed earlier. Alternatively, there’s the Football API. Developers have the flexibility to use the football API to make requests and build entirely new applications. If you’re not interested in the widgets but have aspirations to create your dream application, this might be the ideal route for you.

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