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Stand out from the crowd with the Pressure Index

The Football Pressure Index Explained

The Pressure Index is a valuable metric for making informed decisions. It helps analyse the momentum and dominance of a team in real-time. By considering key statistics and their influence, the Pressure Index provides insights into the level of pressure exerted by a team at any given moment.

How to benefit from the Pressure Index Feature

The Pressure Index Feature can be a valuable tool for visualising the attacking pressure throughout a game. By tracking the dynamic changes in the Pressure Index scores, you can create a visual representation that showcases the ebb and flow of attacking pressure exerted by each team. This visual representation allows you to observe spikes and dips in the graph, indicating periods of intense attacking pressure or moments where the pressure goes away. Moreover, integrating the Pressure Index into your application allows visitors to access and review pressure per game, offering a comprehensive insight into the game’s dynamics. Enhance the utility of this data for betting enthusiasts by enabling them to make well-informed decisions and uncover valuable opportunities. Gain insights into momentum shifts and potential outcomes by analysing displayed pressure variations.

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The Pressure Index calculated

The Pressure Index is calculated using a combination of statistical factors that affect a team’s pressure level. Each statistic is weighted to reflect its relative importance. For instance, receiving a red card reduces the team’s pressure, while increasing possession time has the opposite effect. This ever-changing score accurately represents the intensity with which one team applies pressure to the other throughout the game.

The factors taken into account include:

The offensive performance of a team, including the number of dangerous attacks, shots on target, shots off target and scoring opportunities.
Ball Possession
The amount of time a team spends in possession of the ball, indicates their control and dominance on the field.
The number of shots attempted by a team, reflecting their offensive intent and pressure on the opposing team's defence.
And more!
And a plethora of other advanced statistics and insights to provide a comprehensive analysis of team performance and game dynamics!



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After building what we wanted as developers, number crunchers, and die-hard sports fans, it was too good not to share. So, that’s just what we did. Today, our high-value API delivers fast, reliable data for popular sports in 195 countries and serves 30,000+ satisfied users, including high-end media companies and professional clubs. We want to invite you to join our sports-loving community.

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