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Trustworthy sports data

At Sportmonks, we know that you want to be trusted. In order to do that, you need reliable sports data.

The problem is finding a trustworthy and affordable data supplier is hard. This makes you uncertain about which supplier to choose. We believe that everybody deserves access to reliable sports data.

As data freaks with a sports heart, we understand the hassle of gathering the right data. That’s why we have made sports data easily available for 20,000 users since 2016, including high-end media companies and sports leagues.

This is how we do it:
1. Start your free trial
2. Build your sports application
3. Enjoy high-quality and reliable sports data

So, you can stop spending your precious time searching for the right provider and lose clients because of unreliable data.

And instead, stop worrying about the reliability of your data. Your developers will love you for it, and your clients will stick with you.

Beginning of Sportmonks

We’re excited to share our incredible journey that started in 2016.

Growth of online fan engagement industry

At the time, I (Jur) and my partner Ronnie were both living our own lives with different jobs. One day, we noticed incredible growth and potential in the world of sports fans and sports data and decided to start our own football fantasy website.

Getting High-quality sports data for a reasonable price was impossible

However, as you probably know, creating such a website requires good football data.

We quickly stumbled upon the issue of having cheap but terrible football data or having amazing but absurdly expensive football data. There was nothing in between.

There was no decent or good football data available for an affordable price.

There has got to be a way

And there was. We just said: ”Fine, we’ll do it ourselves.”. We decided to gather and refine the sports data that we needed ourselves, rather than purchasing it.

It started with small bits of data, but we became increasingly proficient at gathering and enriching raw football data as time progressed.





High-quality football data is necessary for success

Rise of Sportmonks: building the product we were looking for

After everything was running smoothly and we had refined our own sports data.

At that point, we realized that we were probably not the only ones who struggled with finding an affordable and good football data provider.

We also already had a pretty decent product in our hands. So, we thought: ‘Why not sell our gathered data ourselves?’ And so we did.

The Sportmonks

In 2020, we can proudly proclaim that Sportmonks offers its customers sports data with exceptional value for their money. Our Football data is the fastest and most reliable of every middle segment data provider while remaining highly affordable.

In these four years, we have reached major milestones. In 2020 we reached 17.000 user accounts. We also now offer Cricket and Formula 1 data. What started as a small passion project in 2016 has become a profitable and sustainable business over the years. We started in a small shed and have since then grown exponentially with a worldwide team of scouts, developers, data partners and journalists.

As Sportmonks continues its operations in 2023, we strive to continuously add new data features and offer more sports in the near future.

We hope you’ll join us in creating the future of sports together. Don’t see us as just a provider, but as your long-term data partner. We aim to become the best sports data company in the world.

Kind regards,

Founders Jur and Ronnie




What started as a small passion project had now become a legitimate business.




Sportmonks is affordable for the average hobbyist but also well-suited for professional use.

Core values

Long-term partnership
We hope to build up a long-term partnership, which will be beneficial to both of us.
Fast, friendly and excellent support
As your data partner, we want you to be happy. That's why we aim to always give you the best customer support possible.
Best sports data for an affordable price
We strive to offer you the best value for money possible. We firmly believe good sports data should come at an affordable price.
Use the newest web techniques to score
Part of offering high-quality sports data is to make use of the newest web techniques. We continuously strive to innovate and improve our existing data.

Trusted as a partner

We have proven to be a trusted and reliable partner for Global media companies and top Football Clubs in the Premier League

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We started our subscription in 2019 and we’re very happy with the Football API. Next to the amazing speed of the API, Sportmonks has surprised us over and over again with their flexible friendly support.

Alvind Konda

When we compared features, documentation, support and value for money, Sportmonks came out on top.

Fast and reliable Football API with tons of leagues and tournaments.

We’re very happy with Sportmonks and highly recommend them.

Co-founder Footi

Sportmonks' Football API

High-quality and trustworthy data

High-quality sports data is challenging to come by and often unaffordable. By using Sportmonks’ reliable Sports API, you can stop worrying about data quality and build a trustworthy application to start growing your business.