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Case study

This case study is written about Elevenstats. We spoke to Gaurav Sardesai, one of the founding members of The latter is a platform that provides users with complimentary, in-depth statistics on matches, teams, and entire leagues.

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National best teams Brazil

What is the mission and vision of Elevenstats?

“Our mission is to present data in an appealing and easily understandable way for the everyday football enthusiast. We understand that spreadsheets aren’t everyone’s preferred method of digesting information. We’ve designed our website to make data enjoyable and engaging.

Our vision was to create a trustworthy website, that users could depend on for data accuracy and a smooth user experience. We also placed significant emphasis on coverage, especially with the intention of not overlooking the lower leagues.”


“I’m convinced that no other data provider strikes as ideal a balance between coverage, accuracy, and cost as Sportmonks does.”

Gaurav - Founding member of Elevenstats

How did you get to Sportmonks and why did you decide Sportmonks should be your provider?

“We conducted a thorough search to find the ideal data provider, facing several challenges along the way. These ranged from insufficient coverage, inaccuracies in data, to prohibitively high costs. Sportmonks presented an excellent balance of these three factors, which is why we find it so beneficial.”

Did the API enable you to achieve your goals and elevate your website?

“It definitely did. We conducted several tests comparing our data, which is to say the data from Sportmonks, with other prominent websites in our field. I’m delighted to report that in terms of accuracy, our data frequently outperformed most other providers. On a few occasions, Sportmonks had captured data that wasn’t even recorded on the official Premier League website.”

How do you experience working with Sportmonks?

“Working with Sportmonks has been a positive experience for us: the extensive documentation, flexibility in accessing data, and the convenience it offers. The documentation is thorough, well-organised, and easy to navigate, allowing us to quickly find the necessary information.

The API’s flexibility allows us to retrieve specific data points tailored to our requirements, allowing us to customise our application. Additionally, the convenience of integrating the API seamlessly into our existing system has significantly streamlined our workflow.”

What is your favourite feature?

“One of our favourite aspects of Sportmonks’ API is the “include” feature. This feature allows us to retrieve related data in a single request, eliminating the need for multiple API calls. By specifying the related entities we want to include, such as team details or player information, we can obtain a holistic view of the data we need without making additional requests.

This not only simplifies our development process but also enhances the performance of our site by reducing unnecessary network calls. The “include” feature is a valuable asset that significantly improves the efficiency and responsiveness of our application.”

What data from Sportmonks are you using?

“We utilise most of the data provided by Sportmonks soccer api to enhance the content on our site. The key data categories include fixtures, stats, live data, team information, league details, and player data. Stats and live data allow us to provide real-time updates on ongoing matches, enhancing the interactivity of our site. We ensure our users have access to a comprehensive and engaging sports experience.”

“Starting with Sportmonks API was remarkably easy. The availability of well-structured documentation and resources, such as Postman collections, simplified the integration process.”

Gaurav - Founding member of Elevenstats

Are you inspired, and do you want to create your own solution?

You can find more information about Sportmonks by contacting our support team. In the meantime, you can investigate our API for free by registering to My.Sportmonks and trying the Scottish Premiership and the Danish Superliga data with our free plan. Our free plan is free and accessible forever! Testing one of our default or custom plans with our 14-day free trial is also possible.