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Coppa Italia History

The beginning of the tournament was turbulent, due to the complexity of the participation of the teams in the tournament, since its inception in 1921, the Italian championship was divided into two groups. On the one hand the CCI Championship and on the other the FIGC championship. These two championships were not organized between them, so they could not manage the dates that allowed the normal course of the tournament. The tournament’s first edition held in 1922 was won by F.C. Vado. The second edition, scheduled for the 1926–27 season, was cancelled during the round of 32. The third edition was not held until 1935–36. The events of World War II interrupted the tournament after the 1942–43 season, and it did not resume until 1958. Since then, it has been played annually or seasonally.


The competition is a knockout tournament with pairings for each round made in advance; the draw for the whole competition is made before a ball is kicked. Each tie is played as a single leg, except for a two-legged semi-final stage. As well as being presented with the Coppa Italia trophy, the winning team also qualifies for the UEFA Europa League and the Supercoppa Italiana the following year. The holder can wear a cockade of Italy related to the roundels that appear on military aircraft. There are a total of seven rounds in the competition. The tournament begins in August with the preliminary round and is contested only by the eight lowest-ranked clubs. Clubs playing in Serie B join during the first round with the 12 lowest-ranked teams in Serie A based on the previous league season’s positions begin the Coppa Italia in the first round. The remaining eight Serie A teams join the competition in the third round in January, at which point 16 teams remain. In the round of 16, the quarterfinals and the first leg of the semi-finals are then played in quick succession after the fourth round and the second leg of the semi-finals is played a couple of months later before the final in May.

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Coppa Italia Records

Juventus is the competition’s most successful club with fourteen wins, followed by Roma with nine. Juventus has contested the most finals with twenty, followed by Roma with seventeen finals. The ‘dirtiest’ match in recent history was Fiorentina against AS Roma which finished 1-0. There was a total of 3 red cards and 9 yellow cards in 90 minutes of play. That means there was a card every 7 minutes in the game. The record for the greatest number of goals in one match was set in 2015 when AS Cittadella beat Potenza with a whopping 15-0 in the first round of the Coppa Italia. The most goals in the final were set in 2007 in the match between AS Roma and Inter Milan which finished 6-2.

When it comes to player records the all-time top scorer of the Coppa Italia is Alessandro Altobelli who scored 56 goals in 94 matches. He averaged a goal every 136 minutes in the Coppa Italia. The most minutes played by any player holds Pietro Vierchowod who played a total of 10.199 minutes in 116 matches. However, he is not the one who played the most matches. That is Roberto Mancini. He has played a total of 120 matches with Guiseppe Bergomi just one match behind on a total of 119 total matches.