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At the end of the season, football fans are only interested in one thing. The Champion of the Premier League.

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The Premier League is the most-watched league in the world, with billions of people watching from England and over 188 countries. All data of the Premier League Winners is available in our Football API.

Create your Premier League winners list and show your users what they value the most. All Premier League champions’ squads deserve credit. The Premier League is seen as the strongest football competition in the world, so to become a Premier League winner, the club has to be on top of its game for the whole season. Are you ready to create a complete Premier League Winners list with all essential details like logos, basic information, squads, in-depth squads and more? Try our Premier League API right away and find out if it fits your needs.

The Premier League Winners list has a slight variation. The Premier League began in 1992. Seven different clubs had the honour of becoming the Premier League Winner. These clubs were Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool.

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Facts about the Premier League winners

Manchester United is the club with the most Premier League titles. They have won thirteen titles so far. Manchester United also have the most consecutive Premier League titles by winning three times in a row. They did that twice.

The most significant winning margin was 19 points ahead of the number two in the Premier League. This was in the 2017/2018 season when Manchester City was way ahead of Manchester United.

On the other hand, we have the narrowest winning margin. This was an +8 goal difference. The goal of Sergio Aguero, deep in the stoppage time of the second half, gave Manchester City the lead. He was one of the key players this season.




Leicester City fought to stay in the Premier League in the 2014/2015 season. Nobody could have expected what happened in the 2015/2016 season. The Foxes became Premier League winners!

Arsenal is the only team in the history of the Premier League to play a complete season without losing a single game. They became the Premier League winners by doing so in 2003/2004, leading by 11 points. This season is where the nickname ‘Invincibles’ is originated.

Manchester City gathered the most points ever in 2017/2018.

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All Premier League Winners

2021/2022 Manchester City
2020/2021 Manchester City
2019/2020 Liverpool
2018/2019 Manchester City
2017/2018 Manchester City
2016/2017 Chelsea
2015/2016 Leicester City
2014/2015 Chelsea
2013/2014 Manchester City
2012/2013 Manchester United
2011/2012 Manchester City
2010/2011 Manchester United
2009/2010 Chelsea
2008/2009 Manchester United
2007/2008 Manchester United



2006/2007 Manchester United
2005/2006 Chelsea
2004/2005 Chelsea
2003/2004 Arsenal
2002/2003 Manchester United
2001/2002 Arsenal
2000/2001 Manchester United
1999/2000 Manchester United
1998/1999 Manchester United
1997/1998 Arsenal
1996/1997 Manchester United
1995/1996 Manchester United
1994/1995 Blackburn Rovers
1993/1994 Manchester United
1992/1993 Manchester United