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Brazilian Serie A winners list

The Brazilian Serie A is the highest League in Brazil. Finishing in the top 4 in this competition will put you in the group stages of the Copa Libertadores while finishing 5th or 6th will put you in a qualification round for the Copa Libertadores. This makes the Brazilian Serie A one of the biggest competitions in the world, and becoming a Brazilian Serie A winner will attract a lot of interest from the biggest clubs in Europe.

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Brazilian Serie A winner statistics

Palmeiras is the team that has become a Brazilian Serie A winner the most. They have done it 11 times.

Internacional has been a Brazilian Serie A winner 3 times; this was all between 1975 and 1979

Sao Caetano was a Brazilian Serie A runner-up twice in a row in 2000 and 2001; they have never become a Brazilian Serie A winner



In 1978, Guarani became the first team from outside the state of Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo to become a Brazilian Serie A winner

Flamengo holds the record for the most points in a single Brazilian Serie A season, with 90 points in 2019.

The most recent Serie A winner is Palmeiras in 2022.

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All Brazilian Serie A winners

2003: Cruzeiro
2004: Santos
2005: Corinthians
2006: São Paulo
2007: São Paulo
2008: São Paulo
2009: Flamengo
2010: Fluminense
2011: Corinthians
2012: Fluminense



2013: Cruzeiro
2014: Cruzeiro
2015: Corinthians
2016: Palmeiras
2017: Corinthians
2018: Palmeiras
2019: Flamengo
2020: Flamengo
2021: Atletico Mineiro
2022: Palmeiras