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Serie A Winners list

The Serie A is the top league in Italy. With Sportmonks, we have all the Serie A winner’s data you are looking for in our Football API.

With the Sportmonks API, you can create a Serie A winners list and show your user’s value. Serie A is seen as one of the biggest football competitions in the world. If you finish in the top 4 spots of Serie A, you get an entry into the Champions League, the biggest league in the world.

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Serie A winner statistics

Juventus is the most successful Serie A club, becoming a Serie A winner 36 times.

Serie A winners Inter Milan and AC Milan come second and third. A fun fact is that they play in the same stadium: San Siro.

The first 3 seasons of the Serie A had the same winner: Genoa became a Serie A winner in 1898,1899 and 1900.



Juventus once became a Serie A winner 9 years in a row. This was between 2011 and 2020.

The 2004-2005 Serie A Season had no winner; it was voided due to a match-fixing scandal known as Calciopoli.

The youngest ever coach to win the Serie A is Luciano Spalleti with AS Roma in 2006-2007, aged 48.

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All Serie A winners per year

2002-2003: Juventus

2003-2004: Milan

2004-2005: Juventus (voided)

2005-2006: Internazionale

2006-2007: Internazionale

2007-2008: Internazionale

2008-2009: Internazionale

2009-2010: Internazionale

2010-2011: Milan

2011-2012: Juventus



2012-2013: Juventus

2013-2014: Juventus

2014-2015: Juventus

2015-2016: Juventus

2016-2017: Juventus

2017-2018: Juventus

2018-2019: Juventus

2019-2020: Juventus

2020-2021: Internazionale

2021-2022: Milan