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The world’s most thrilling and largest football tournament comes to Qatar this winter. Are you ready for the World Cup, or are you insecure about the data in your application?

Football players are eager to represent their country on a global stage. And you should be eager to show all your application has to offer too! It is important to cover such a big competition with high-quality data. Because fans are incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to the World Cup.

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The winner of this World Cup is Argentina. They beat France, who won in Russia, by defeating France in the final.

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Full tournament tree
Display the whole World Cup 2022 schedule. Create an eye-catching graphic to keep your consumers updated.
Track teams and players
Keep track of all player performances by following your favourite country. From basic player information such as name, birthday, and weight to in-game and season statistics, there is something for everyone.

World Cup Schedule

The World Cup begins November 20th and will conclude in less than a month. A total of 64 games will be played to decide who will become World Champion. And, of course, you want to know when the country you support has to play. You can find the whole schedule from the group stage to the final in our API. In total there are 32 teams that will battle for a spot in the next round. Only the top two teams of each group will go through to the knockout stages.

Keep track of all the World Cup 2022 matches with the schedules.

Curious about the World Cup schedules? Take a look at our schedule page and read more.

Schedule page

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World Cup Livescore Widget

Display the date, referees and venue, attendance, and real-time stats, livescores, and more.

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World Cup News API

Don't miss out on the news. Enrich your application with well-written pre-match football news articles by our data experts.

Team Jerseys

Make your website more appealing with our custom team jerseys for all the teams participating in the World Cup.

World Cup Predictions

Predict the outcome of the World Cup matches with the Sportmonks Football Prediction API.


Our extensive well-written World Cup 2022 documentation will give you a complete overview of how you can use our API.

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What does the World Cup have in store for us this year?

This is the first time the World Cup takes place in the Arab world. At the same time, it will be the last to include 32 teams. The roster will increase to 48 teams in 2026. More facts and records can be found on our World Cup facts and records page. What do you know about the mascot of this World Cup?

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End of an era

The next generation of players is knocking on the door and waiting for their chance to shine at the World Cup. And while these new players can’t wait to become the next World Cup winners, others might say goodbye to the World Cup podium forever.

It might be the last World Cup for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They are two of the best players of their generation and maybe even the greatest players of all time.

Besides them, there are many more that might say goodbye forever. Robert Lewandowski, Neymar, Luis Suárez, Luka Modriç, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets, Pepe and multiple others. Every single one of them was a great player, and all of them deserved our respect one way or another. Let’s hope all of them will be able to deliver another great performance! All of those players will not participate in the next World Cup in 2026.

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