Revolutionising Betting: Sportmonks and TXODDS Collaboration Unveils Premium Odds Feed

In sports betting, staying ahead of the game requires access to accurate and timely information. That’s why we’re happy to announce a collaboration with TXODDS, a renowned sports odds data provider. Together, we’ve launched the Premium Odds feed: a product that empowers bettors with an unparalleled advantage. Learn more about the collaboration in this blog.

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Revolutionising Betting: Sportmonks and TXODDS Collaboration Unveils Premium Odds Feed

The Premium Odds Feed provides users with reliable odds data from 180 bookmakers across the globe. This vast pool of information allows bettors to make informed decisions, spot opportunities, and optimise their betting strategies for maximum profitability. It’s a one-stop solution that revolutionises the way bettors approach sports betting. The best part? Simply integrate the Premium Odds Feed via our Football API.

Key features of the Premium Odds Feed:

All the odds from 180 bookmakers
Elevate your application’s betting capabilities by integrating our Premium Odds Feed, granting users access to odds from an extensive network of over 180 bookmakers. Our extensive bookmaker coverage ensures that your application becomes a gateway to a world of diverse odds offerings.

Explore betting markets
Unlock a world of possibilities for your application by gaining access to the most popular betting markets, including: match result, over/under, asian handicap and more. With our diverse market coverage, you can seamlessly integrate our premium odds feed into your application and provide your users with a comprehensive selection of betting options.

“The collaboration between Sportmonks and TXODDS is a game-changer.” – Jurgen Kolkman – CEO Sportmonks

Reliable and quick data
Our odds data empowers your application to provide users with the most up-to-date information available in the market. With each odds entry accompanied by a last updated timestamp, you can guarantee your users have access to the latest data, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of their betting experiences.

Seamlessly integrate the Premium Odds Feed
Seamlessly integrate the Premium Odds Feed into your betting platform or website. Our state-of-the-art Football API makes integration seamless, ensuring hassle-free data delivery to your users. Stay one step ahead of the game as you effortlessly provide your customers with the latest odds.

The power of collaboration
Our collaboration with TXODDS showcases the incredible strength of working together. Combining our knowledge and resources, we’ve created something groundbreaking: The Premium Odds Feed. In the ever-evolving world of sports betting, Sportmonks and TXODDS continue to lead the way, bringing innovative solutions that change how we think about betting. Join us in exploring the possibilities of the Premium Odds Feed and elevate your betting application.

“TXODDS is very excited to be partnering with Sportmonks – with a shared passion for high quality, high availability data.” – Einar Knobel – CEO TXODDS

Written by Wesley Van Rooij

Wesley van Rooij is a marketing and football expert with over 5 years of industry experience. His comprehensive knowledge of the Sportmonks Football API and a focused approach to APIs in the Sports Data industry allow him to offer insights and support to enthusiasts and businesses. His outstanding marketing and communication skills and technical writing expertise enable him to empathise with developers. He understands their needs and challenges to facilitate the development of cutting-edge football applications that stand out in the market.

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