Sportmonks Football News API:

A lot happens before a match. Things that might turn around every aspect of the game about to be played, such as injuries and transfers. What happens when Virgil van Dijk is injured or Lionel Messi leaves FC Barcelona? Sportmonks’ News API offers preview news articles for all European top competitions.

Due to a huge commercial appeal, sports news has become one of the dominant application areas. In 2010 the Champions League Final FC Barcelona – Manchester United, reached even more viewers (206,000,000) than the Super Bowl (162,000,000). Because of the popularity there are a lot of news articles written about football every single day. Therefore, the news is different every hour.

Many of our customers have tried the Beta version of our News API. We are happy with all the positive reactions and feedback. Therefore, we decided to develop our API even further.


With the new season starting soon, it is time to go live with full coverage of the Premier League and the Champions League. But that is not all. The News API covers 5 major clubs in the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. You can find a short overview below:

  • Champions League: All matches
  • Premier League: All matches
  • Bundesliga: FC Bayern München, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Vfl Wolfsburg
  • La Liga: Atlético De Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Villarreal.
  • Serie A: Juventus, AC Milan, Inter, Napoli and AS Roma
  • Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, Lille, Monaco and Olympique Marseille

So, what happens when these 5 teams play each other on a super Sunday? When teams included in the News API are playing against each other, we will add another matchup. For example, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing each other in El Clásico. In this case, we will add the matchup of the team that is number six at the start of that round.

Remember, this will only happen in the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Thus, the News API will have 20 articles available per month per competition if that month includes 4 rounds of the competition.

What else can you expect? These articles are not made by fan sites, robots or interns. In fact, our own data experts and scouts are working on these handwritten articles! This means the Football API is managed by football specialists. Therefore, Sportmonks’ News is always up to date and has a high quality.

How to use the Football News API

There are multiple ways to request articles from our News API. First, you can use the the fixture endpoint by adding &include=news to your API request.  For example, you can use. GET Fixture by ID and use the Fixture ID of the EURO2020 Final: 17922163. Then use include ‘news’, and there you have the preview of the EURO2020 Final.

Here you can download the example preview of the EURO2020 Final delivered by our News API.

For the News API, there are three specific endpoints.

  1. First, you can use the GET All News endpoint which gives you all the news available in the API.
  2. The second option is to use the GET News by Season ID endpoint. This endpoint gives all the news belonging to that Season ID. For example, the Premier League Season ID: 18378.
  3. Finally, you can use the GET News For Upcoming Fixtures endpoint. This results in all news articles for matches that are upcoming.

If you need more information about getting the news articles, make sure to check out our documentation page.

Note that you need to have an active subscription to use our News API. You can start free of charge by utilizing Sportmonks’ 14-day trial if you have never had a trial before.

What are the costs?

There are different plans for you to subscribe to. A ‘Top News plan’ (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A or Ligue 1) and Full News plan’ (Champions League or Premier League) are available. Combining the ‘Top News plan’ and the ‘Full News plan’ is possible. This means you can customize your subscription with leagues from these plans to get all the news you want. However, the ‘All-in News plan’ includes all leagues. Do you want to know more about the pricing?


To conclude, the handwritten pre-match headlines for all the European top competitions surely add an extra dimension to your website/app. Make sure to be up to date and deliver the news to your customers/readers/members.

We will keep expanding the coverage of the Football API, and we will keep track of your feedback to make sure to keep developing our Football API.

If you want to add the News API to your subscription, you can do this at my.sportmonks.

Are you interested in getting more Football Data? For example, Livescores, (live)Odds, (live)Stats, Fixtures, Standings, or any other type of Football Data, for 1.200+ Leagues? Check our Football product page for all our Football offerings.

Make sure to read the news and stay updated.