A new season is approaching, so we’re looking back on the last one. We wanted to highlight and compare some of the most fascinating facts of champions in the main European competitions.

Let’s dive in!

The Premier League (18378): Manchester City (9)
Manchester City won the Premier League with 93 points. After winning 29 matches, six draws and three losses, the Citizens managed to keep Liverpool behind them. City collected  93 points while Liverpool ended with 92.

Bundesliga (18444): FC Bayern Munich (503)
Bayern’s title in the Bundesliga comes as no surprise. The team won 24 games. They drew five games and lost five times. They finished the season with 77 points, while the number two (Borussia Dortmund) ended with 69 points.

La Liga (18462): Real Madrid (3468)
Real Madrid won 26 games this season. Other than that, the Madridistas drew eight times and lost four times. In total Real collected 86 points which is 13 points more than rival Barcelona.

Serie A (18576): AC Milan (113)
Something interesting happened this season. AC Milan ended at the exact same total of points as Real Madrid. Not only that, they won 26 matches, had eight draws and lost four matches. Real did the exact same thing. This means Milan ended the season with 86 points. Inter ended with 84 points.

Ligue 1 (18441): Paris Saint-Germain (591)
It gets even weirder. Paris Saint-Germain did the exact same thing as Real and Milan. So, 26 wins, eight times a draw and four times a loss. Ending the season with 86 points. Marseille ended in second place with 71 points.

When comparing these stats, keep in mind Bayern only plays 34 matches while the others play 38.

Manchester City is the champion with the most clean sheets, they managed to keep a clean sheet 21 times. Milan managed to do so 18 times, Real 16, PSG 13 and Bayern 11 times. One of the five champions managed to score every game. This was Bayern Munich. Milan and City didn’t score a goal in four matches, PSG in five, Real in eight games.

Penalties are always an interesting stat. Real got the most penalties with their eight penalties versus 3 conceded penalties. Manchester City got seven penalties and conceded only one penalty. PSG got seven penalties as well but conceded three penalties. Bayern and Milan both got 5 penalties, however, Milan conceded four and Bayern only two.

As you can see in the table on the right side Manchester City is the champion with the most possession of the ball and the fewest goals conceded. However, Bayern has the most goals scored and most goals conceded (in the fewest games).

How does this look in a graph? Let’s find out. Again, you can decide for yourself who is your ‘champion of champions’. We just provide the data.

Manchester City is the team with the most shots off target and most blocked shots, the English team received the most corners as well. Bayern Munich is the team with the most shots on target.

Real Madrid didn’t receive a single red card in the whole LaLiga season. The last time Los Blancos managed to keep a clean sleeve was in the 1983-1984 season. Paris Saint-Germain is the club with the most yellow and red cards of the five champions even though AC Milan is the team with the most tackles and fouls.

We will leave the interpretation of all these statistics up to you. Who do you think is the champion of champions?