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This page is all about the customers of Sportmonks. With over 20,000 active subscribers there is a wide variety of customers and we want them to have an opportunity to share their story and shine at our website. Besides that, we want you to have the opportunity to see what you would be able to create by using the Football API.

Let’s chase the dreams

Let’s follow the story of our customers, starting from the origins of their business idea, to the search for a data provider, all the way to becoming a successful and sustainable business.

Chasing dreams is a pursuit fueled by ambition, determination, and a deep desire for success. For developers and business owners aiming to create a successful football application, this journey parallels the path of athletes chasing their goals on the field.

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Your time to shine

ShiftOneZero - Dinamo Zagreb App

ShiftOneZero: Evolving Fan Engagement into Loyalty Rewards

ShiftOneZero is a dynamic Croatian IT company committed to delivering exceptional solutions for every product they develop. In collaboration with prestigious football club Dinamo Zagreb, ShiftOneZero is working on an application for fans to reward their exceptional loyalty.

Tags: Fantasy Standings | livescores | Statistics | Pressure Index | Squads

elevenstats son

Elevenstats: for the everyday football enthusiast

Our mission is to present data in an appealing and easily understandable way for the everyday football enthusiast. We understand that spreadsheets aren’t everyone’s preferred method of digesting information. We’ve designed our website to make data enjoyable and engaging.

Tags: Predictions | Scouting | Odds

Footi team statistics

Footi: Different from all football websites

On the face of it, Footi looks like another football website but underneath is where it is uniquely different. It’s built using serverless technologies, meaning it’s faster, more accessible and has a much lower carbon footprint than other football websites. In fact, it produces 8 – 10 times less CO2 than the official Premier League website.

Tags: Speed | Standings | Livescores | Topscorers Swedish giant

Fotboll: Sweden’s most comprehensive football site is used by up to 60.000 Swedish football fans per month to stay updated on the top football leagues and cups in Europe and to follow the international tournaments, such as FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Championship, the corresponding championships that are played in the other continents and more. And, of course, the fast-growing women’s football leagues, cups and tournaments since Sportmonks offers excellent coverage.”

Tags: Standings | Livescores | Topscorers | Statistics | Game Tips | Highlights

Sport Media content

Scoreplay: Revolutionising media

Our objective is to revolutionise how clubs use their media. At the moment, they don’t have the tech infrastructure to capitalise on the gold mine of content they have at their disposal. ScorePlay helps clubs to organise their media to ultimately monetise it.

Tags: Social media | AI | Face Recognition

Futebalaovivo is one of the largest Football scores websites in Brazil.

Futebolaovivo: Samba football live scores

We aim to reach even more users in Brazil and later move the project to other countries in Europe and Asia. We also have the idea of launching a new football app, which is already under development and should be completed in the coming months.

On big game days, our website receives over 50,000 unique users and more than 100,000 sessions viewed.

Tags: Standings | Livescores | Statistics | Odds

Fanzword header image

Fanzword: Game for rewards

Our Users are Football addicts, and they like to follow multiple leagues around the world. They want an App that covers all leagues of interest, as well as getting timely notifications on different events.

Tags: Standings | Livescores | Statistics | Results | Events | Fantasy

Use SoFifa to find your wonderkids in EA FC/FIFA

SoFIFA: FIFA/EA FC Scouting platform

SoFIFA is building a platform to help people playing the FIFA/FC series’ career mode and share their opinions or creative ideas. SoFIFA lets people search for almost every single attribute in the game, saving time and levelling up the gaming experience.

Tags: Fantasy | Squads | Transfers | Trophies | Statistics

This is what our customers think

At first we were limited in the content and the statistics. But now, only our imagination and creativity limits what we can do. We are now constantly developing and improving. We have many ideas, tools, features and functionality in the pipeline.

CEO Comperium AB

The search for a data provider with great quality for an affordable price was terrible. Then we found Sportmonks. Considering the balance between cost and the depth of coverage, Sportmonks has proven to be the most valuable data provider we’ve encountered.

Founding member of Elevenstats

Many other API providers make assumptions that you’re an experienced developer, and their documentation includes fewer examples and is written at a higher entry level. Sportmonks, make no assumptions and provide plenty of examples to help you use the API.

Director of Little Thunder

We searched for an accurate, easy-to-use, intuitive Football API to make our lives easier. The Football API was exactly that. Just plug and play!

CTO ScorePlay

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