Use SoFifa to find your wonderkids in EA FC/FIFA

Case study

This Case study is written by the owner of SoFIFA, an individual developer who is helping FIFA career mode players build the strongest team.

Use SoFifa to find your wonderkids in EA FC/FIFA

Meet the owner

My name is Khachin Borjigin. I am an individual developer; I haven’t started a company yet. I am the founder of SoFIFA; I am doing all the work, such as designing, coding, server maintenance, optimizing databases, etc.

What is your company trying to achieve?

I am building a platform to help people playing the FIFA/FC series’ career mode and share their opinions or creative ideas. SoFIFA lets people search for almost every single attribute in the game, saving time and levelling up the gaming experience. SoFIFA is the first and most creative online FIFA/FC series career mode database. I hope we can link the in-game and real-world data to build a reliable data source for gamers and modders in the future; then, we can rate a team/player even if they never appear in the game.

Why did you need a football data provider?

When I was collecting the game data from my previous provider, I found that the information from the game was not always correct. Sometimes, they misspelled the player’s name or gave them the wrong date of birth or nationality. The most terrible thing is I need a reliable data source to check whether the data is correct when they put players on the wrong team. I checked this info by hand, which required much work and time. First, I search for players or teams on; if I can’t find the players in the team squad, I need to check the history squads; it’s Inefficient and irritable.

What is your favourite aspect of the Sportmonks API?

I like the updating frequency of Sportmonks. They are adding leagues, teams, and players day by day, and the bugs of API are fixed very quickly, which means their guys are working hard, and the database is growing.

What data features from Sportmonks are you using?

Standings, statistics, countries, league, team player, coach, venues, transfers, sidelined and trophies.

I don’t know how many people are in your customer support team. It’s not always the same person replying to me, but the conversation is fluent and efficient. You are doing well.

Khachin Borjigin - Owner SoFIFA

Was it easy/difficult to start with our API?

It’s straightforward to integrate with Sportmonks’ API, there are plenty of examples and tutorials, and the documentation is very detailed. I’ve forgotten the details of implementing the API requests.

Have you ever experienced problems?

The hardest part is the rate limit (3,000 API calls per hour per entity). Sometimes, I have to wait 3 or 4 days to get historical data for all players.

How did your search for a data provider go?

Numerous data providers exist in the market. However, my requirement is for reliable data with extensive historical coverage, encompassing a broader range of competitions, not limited to just the top 5 leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, etc.

In my pursuit, I reached out to OPTA, a highly authoritative and professional data provider affiliated with Their data coverage spans almost every football competition, providing years of historical data. Naturally, their pricing is considerably high, as expected.

Another option is Data Sports Group from Germany, offering meticulous historical data, including league and team names across different periods. Unfortunately, the price exceeds €1,500 EUR per month, surpassing my budget constraints. After that, I found a provider called API-Football, which doesn’t have a lot of competition coverage.

I also discovered Sportmonks during my research. Two years ago, they covered 1800+ leagues and had a reasonable price. Following a one-month trial, I opted for Sportmonks due to their extensive coverage and moderate pricing. Importantly, Sportmonks accepts PayPal, which was a decisive factor for me, considering my specific requirements and payment preferences.

API 3.0

The API 2.0 version of Sportmonks is almost the same as those of the other providers. After being updated to version 3.0 the data relation is more clear. Version 3.0 includes some additional information such as detailed positions for players, which is good.


You can find more information about Sportmonks by contacting our support team. In the meantime, you can investigate our API for free by registering to My.Sportmonks and trying the Scottish Premiership and the Danish Superliga data with our free plan. Our free plan is free and accessible forever! Testing one of our default or custom plans with our 14-day free trial is also possible.