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        "id": 11892056,
        "sport_id": 1,
        "league_id": 1369,
        "season_id": 11563,
        "stage_id": 77442330,
        "group_id": null,
        "aggregate_id": null,
        "round_id": null,
        "state_id": 5,
        "venue_id": 6161,
        "name": "United States W vs Netherlands W",
        "starting_at": "2019-07-07 15:00:00",
        "result_info": "United States W won after full-time.",
        "leg": "1/1",
        "details": "Neutral Venue",
        "length": 90,
        "placeholder": false,
        "last_processed_at": "2023-04-03 15:03:24",
        "has_odds": true,
        "starting_at_timestamp": 1562511600,
        "lineups": [
                "id": 7198629,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "fixture_id": 11892056,
                "player_id": 752072,
                "team_id": 63347,
                "position_id": null,
                "formation_field": null,
                "type_id": 11,
                "formation_position": null,
                "player_name": "Alyssa Naeher",
                "jersey_number": 1
                "id": 7198729,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "fixture_id": 11892056,
                "player_id": 752062,
                "team_id": 63347,
                "position_id": null,
                "formation_field": null,
                "type_id": 12,
                "formation_position": null,
                "player_name": "Mallory Pugh",
                "jersey_number": 2
                "id": 7198630,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "fixture_id": 11892056,
                "player_id": 25567338,
                "team_id": 63347,
                "position_id": null,
                "formation_field": null,
                "type_id": 11,
                "formation_position": null,
                "player_name": "Samantha Mewis",
                "jersey_number": 3


Previous women’s world cup winners

The women’s world cup was played for the first time in 1991, which was won by the United States. In total there have been 8 previous women’s world cup tournaments. The women’s world cup has also been won the most times by the United States (4) . We have made a list with all the winners of the women’s world cup since it started.

1991, United States
1995, Norway
1999, United States
2003, Germany
2007, Germany
2011, Japan
2015, United States
2019, United States
2023, Spain