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The USA took home the trophy in the last Women’s World Cup, beating the Netherlands in a thrilling final for the ages. Which nation will become the next champion of the World? Will the USA make it three in a row, or can other countries disturb their reign?

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Women’s World Cup 2023 Schedule

The Women’s World Cup 2023 will begin on July 20 and conclude exactly one month later. The winner of the 64-game tournament will be crowned Women’s World Cup 2023 Winner. Your users naturally want to know when the nation they support has to play. The entire schedule, from the group stage to the final, is available in our API. There are 32 teams competing for spots in the knock-out round. In each group, only the top two teams will advance, and in the end only one team can become the champion of the Women’s World Cup 2023. Do you want more information about the Women’s World Cup take a look at our Women’s World Cup 2023 guide.

Interested in the schedule for the 2023 Women’s World Cup? Visit our schedule page to learn more. With our fixtures endpoints, you can get data of single fixtures as well.

Schedule page

    "data": [
            "id": 77456178,
            "sport_id": 1,
            "league_id": 1369,
            "season_id": 19161,
            "type_id": 223,
            "name": "Group Stage",
            "sort_order": 1,
            "finished": false,
            "is_current": false,
            "starting_at": "2023-07-20",
            "ending_at": "2023-08-03",
            "games_in_current_week": false,
            "rounds": [
                    "id": 294705,
                    "sport_id": 1,
                    "league_id": 1369,
                    "season_id": 19161,
                    "stage_id": 77456178,
                    "name": "1",
                    "finished": false,
                    "is_current": false,
                    "starting_at": "2023-07-20",
                    "ending_at": "2023-07-25",
                    "games_in_current_week": false,
                    "fixtures": [
                            "id": 18451640,
                            "sport_id": 1,
                            "league_id": 1369,
                            "season_id": 19161,
                            "stage_id": 77456178,
                            "group_id": 246679,
                            "aggregate_id": null,
                            "round_id": 294705,
                            "state_id": 1,
                            "venue_id": null,
                            "name": "England W vs Haiti W",
                            "starting_at": "2023-07-22 09:30:00",
                            "result_info": null,
                            "leg": "1/1",
                            "details": null,
                            "length": 90,
                            "placeholder": false,
                            "last_processed_at": null,
                            "has_odds": false,
                            "starting_at_timestamp": 1690018200,


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