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Europa League winners list

The Europa League is the second biggest international club competition in Europe. Winning this competition will give you access to the Champions League. The Europa League is seen as one of the most exciting competitions. The matches are usually played on Thursday, the day after the Champions League matches. With Sportmonks, you can create lists for the Europa League; you can create the list for the top goalscorer, top assister, top card receiver and much more!

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Europa League winner statistics

The most successful team in the history of the Europa League (and its predecessor, the UEFA Cup) is Sevilla, with six titles. They became a Europa League winner for the first time after winning the title in 2006; since then, they have done it five more times.

Only one team has become a Europa League winner three seasons in a row: Sevilla (2014-2016).

In the last decade, the Europa League winner has been a Spanish club six times, an Italian club twice, and English and Portuguese clubs once each.



The Europa League has been won by teams from 11 different countries, with Spain and Italy being the most Europa League winners.

The most significant margin of victory in a Europa League final is 4-0, which has happened twice: in 2010, when Atletico Madrid beat Fulham, and in 2018, when Atletico Madrid beat Marseille.

The first Europa League winner was Tottenham Hotspur in 1971.

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All Europa League winners

2001: Liverpool
2002: Feyenoord
2003: Porto
2004: Valencia
2005: CSKA Moscow
2006: Sevilla
2007: Sevilla
2008: Zenit St. Petersburg
2009: Shakhtar Donetsk
2010: Atlético Madrid
2011: Porto



2012: Atlético Madrid
2013: Chelsea
2014: Sevilla
2015: Sevilla
2016: Sevilla
2017: Manchester United
2018: Atlético Madrid
2019: Chelsea
2020: Sevilla
2021: Villarreal
2022: Eintracht Frankfurt