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    "data": [
            "id": 1608492,
            "season_id": 20090,
            "player_id": 1878,
            "type_id": 208,
            "position": 1,
            "total": 4,
            "participant_type": "team",
            "participant_id": 14,
            "type": {
                "id": 208,
                "name": "Goal Topscorer",
                "code": "goal-topscorer",
                "developer_name": "GOAL_TOPSCORER",
                "model_type": "statistic",
            "player": {
                "id": 1878,
                "sport_id": 1,
                "country_id": 462,
                "nationality_id": 462,
                "position_id": 27,
                "detailed_position_id": 152,
                "type_id": 27,
                "common_name": "M. Rashford",
                "firstname": "Marcus",
                "lastname": "Rashford",
                "name": "Marcus Rashford",
                "display_name": "Marcus Rashford",



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Europa League History

The UEFA Europa League is a yearly tournament for clubs in Europe. It was founded in 1971 when it was called the UEFA Cup. In 2009/2010, the name was changed to the Europa League. 48+8 teams are participating in the main tournament. There is a group stage, after which the knockouts will start. This group stage was implemented in 2004/2005.

The UEFA competition coefficients rankings are essential to decide which teams start participating at which stage of the tournament. Some teams might have to play preliminaries while others join the group stage. Also, after the group stages, eight Champions League teams will join. However, there are exceptions for the participating teams.

Sevilla was the first team to claim the cup without having to return it next season. The club won the cup three times in a row. The third time was in 2015/2016. Also, they won it for the fifth time in total—a historical achievement of Los Nervionenses.

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Europa League winners

The first-ever winner of this tournament was Tottenham Hotspur in the 1971/1972 season. They beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 and 1-1. The finale was won by Sevilla most times with a record of six titles. The number two is not even close, with Inter that has won the cup three times with two-second places. Juventus and Liverpool both won three times, one time being the runner-up. Atlético Madrid won the cup three times. Just like Sevilla, they have won all finals they reached.

Juventus, Chelsea, Ajax, and Bayern München won the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League. In the 2021/2022 season, FC Barcelona might join this group because they were defeated in the Champions League and joined the Europa League.



Europa League Logo

Winners per country

Let’s take a look at the winners per country. Keep in mind this is updated until the start of season 2023/2024.

Spain has 14 wins, Italy and England have won the Europa League final nine times. German teams were able to get the title seven times. The Netherlands held it four times. Portuguese, Swedish and Russian teams grabbed the cup twice per country. Belgium, Ukraine and Turkey all won once. France teams are missing out on the cup until now, even though they have participated in five finals.

Europa League schedule

If you cover one of the biggest European tournaments, you will have to create a schedule page.

Schedule pages are very popular. Because these pages show when your favourite team is playing. This way people can be ready at the moment their team is playing.

If you want to create a schedule page you need to know how to implement the data in your application. You can find out how to do that with our data in our documentation.

Let’s look at the way you will receive our schedule data below.

"id": 18300185,
                    "league_id": 5,
                    "season_id": 18629,
                    "stage_id": 77454501,
                    "aggregate_id": 27004,
                    "venue_id": 5647,
                    "referee_id": 16674,
                    "localteam_id": 8697,
                    "visitorteam_id": 368,
                    "winner_team_id": 8697,
                    "commentaries": false,
                    "neutral_venue": false,
                    "winning_odds_calculated": true,
                    "formations": {
                        "localteam_formation": "4-2-3-1",
                        "visitorteam_formation": "4-4-2"
                    "scores": {
                        "localteam_score": 2,
                        "visitorteam_score": 1,
                        "localteam_pen_score": 4,
                        "visitorteam_pen_score": 5,
                        "ht_score": "0-0",
                        "ft_score": "2-1",
                        "et_score": "0-0",
                        "ps_score": "4-5"


Europa League top scorers

Henrik Larsson from Sweden is the all-time top scorer with 40 goals. He scored these goals for Feyenoord, Celtic and Helsingborgs IF. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is in second place with 34 goals, and Radamel Falcao and Artiz Aduriz share third place with 31 goals.

Interesting to see is that Radamel Falcao scored the most goals in a single season. He scored 17 goals in a single season when playing for Atlético Madrid in 2010/2011. Jürgen Klinsmann is in second place with his 15 goals for Bayern München. At the same time, Ruud Geels (Ajax) and John Wark (Ipswich Town) share third place with 14 goals in a single season.

                    "position": 1,
                    "season_id": 17367,
                    "player_id": 158612,
                    "team_id": 605,
                    "goals": 7,
                    "penalty_goals": 4,
                    "type": "aggregated_goals",
                    "player": {
                        "data": {
                            "player_id": 158612,
                            "team_id": 605,
                            "country_id": 20,
                            "position_id": 3,
                            "common_name": "L. Fernandes",
                            "display_name": "Pizzi",
                            "fullname": "Luís Miguel Afonso Fernandes",
                            "firstname": "Luís Miguel Afonso",
                            "lastname": "Fernandes",
                            "nationality": "Portugal",
                            "birthdate": "06/10/1989",
                            "birthcountry": "Portugal",
                            "birthplace": "Bragança",
                            "height": "180 cm",
                            "weight": "71 kg",