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Build livescore apps, odds portals, betting websites, fantasy games and more, with the incredibly reliable and fast football database from Sportmonks!

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We are one of the biggest football data competitors of our segment.

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Benefits of our football database

Our football database is updated in real-time with global football data. This is why our livescores, results and club data are always up-to-date. Besides this, there are more advantages to our product!

Worldwide large coverage
The Sportmonks football database has an impressive 1300 football leagues over the entire world.
Fast, accurate livescores and events
Due to being updated in real-time, you can expect the data you receive, to be 100% accurate and fast.
Historical data
Get up to 14 years of historical football results with our football database.
Immediate use after signing up
After you signed up for our football data. you will get immediate access to your chosen plan.
Friendly and fast customer support
Sportmonks was built by football enthusiasts for football enthusiasts. We understand your struggles and would love to assist you with any questions or uncertainties you might have!
Easy to implement
We work with football APIs to provide you with the best possible football data. Our football API is very flexible, which allows for easy integration.

Extensive football data features

You get access to advanced football data, allowing you to provide your users with data suited for betting applications, livescore trackers and fantasy games.

  • (Live) league scores
  • (Live) livescores
  • (Live) odds
  • Match, team and season statistics
  • Historical data up to 14 years
  • And many more features!
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Football coverage

Choosing for Sportmonks means getting access to our international football results database. Get access to various international competitions such as:

But also major national leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga.

Our database also stores historical football data back to 2005. Ideal if you want to compare your favourite club’s status between two points in time.

See our full coverage with the link below.

Our experience with Sportmonks

The Sportsmonks soccer API was the best we could find, in terms of coverage that we needed and more importantly a well-made API.

Excellent documentation and the free plans give ample opportunity to test the API with a product in development.

Jason Baylyst
Owner Crowdcoach

Footholics, a Spanish LaLiga Fantasy game, solved its data availability and speed issues by changing providers to Sportmonks.

Now we are able to offer real-time, accurate scores to our thousands of users.

Because Sportmonks is so affordable, we are considering expanding to other national and international leagues.


I use Sportmonks to get Football data to show live feeds and results on I feel Sportmonks offers the best value for money.


Football database plans

We offer three different pre-made plans and a custom plan at various price points. Click on the button below to have a look at our pre-made plans.

Are you interested in a custom plan? You are able to subscribe to a plan you have created yourself. After all, you know what is best for you. Go to My.sportmonks and create your own plan.

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