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Take your football application to a new level with the revolutionary European Championship API! With its latest and most precise European Championship data, you can elevate the experience of your visitors and streamline the implementation process like never before.

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EURO2024 schedules and results

Schedules and Results

Equip your users with comprehensive schedules and results from current and past seasons of their beloved countries and players, ensuring they stay fully informed and engaged.

EURO2024 match stats

Match statistics

Elevate your application with extensive European Championship data, enriching it with detailed statistics, real-time events, precise lineups, accurate odds, and more to provide your users with an immersive and enriched experience.

EURO2024 squad


Elevate your football application with detailed European Championship squad data, featuring comprehensive player statistics. This must-have information will enrich your users’ experience and keep them engaged throughout the tournament.

EURO2024 standings and topscorers

Standings and Topscorers

Showcase group standings to see the progress of your nation. Next to that, you can display the leading goal and card-scorers of the European Championship, allowing your users to track the performance of their favourite players and countries in real-time.

EURO2024 and more

And much more

Whether you’re interested in odds and football predictions, historical data or news. The European Championship API has it all.

The Sportmonks data feed has been perfect for us. They cater for the leagues we cover at an affordable price, and best of all any support we’ve required has been responded to very quickly, and a resolution has always been found.

James Cooke

The Soccer API is probably the best choice for small/medium sites and budgets. I haven’t tried others in the same price range, though. So far, my development team has no big complaints about the API and the data provided is good, in 99,9% of cases.

Radu Lazar

I work for Professionalbettor and we take care of searching for valuebets automatically. Our experience with Sportmonks is certainly positive, as we have been using it for several years now and we are very happy with it.

Roberto Giusto

I’m using the Enterprise Plan Standard. The most prominent data we use are the lineups. With Sportmonks, lineups of most matches are available an hour before kick-off, which is absolutely great!

Sander Bootsma
Owner Masterscout

I use Sportmonks to get Football data to show live feeds and results on I feel Sportmonks offers the best value for money.


Many other API providers make assumptions that you’re an experienced developer, and their documentation includes fewer examples and is written at a higher entry level. Sportmonks, make no assumptions and provide plenty of examples to help you use the API.

Director of Little Thunder

At first we were limited in the content and the statistics. But now, only our imagination and creativity limits what we can do. We are now constantly developing and improving. We have many ideas, tools, features and functionality in the pipeline.

CEO Comperium AB

Work efficiently with the European Championship API

Developers seek a straightforward solution for integrating Football REST-APIs across various programming languages, including Python, PHP, and more, as well as XML formats. The European Championship API boasts lightning-fast response times and intuitive endpoints, enabling swift deployment and adaptability.

Compatible with a wide range of coding languages, it simplifies integration processes, empowering developers to focus on innovation rather than grappling with complexities. Experience enhanced performance and effortless usability, simplifying application development.

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European Championship Widgets

You can still benefit from the European Championship API through our user-friendly widgets, even if you’re not a developer. These widgets offer easy integration into websites or applications, allowing you to access up-to-date European Championship data without any coding knowledge.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a blogger, or a website owner, our widgets provide a convenient way to display schedules and match statistics, top scorers, and other valuable data related to the European Championship. Stay informed and engaged with the latest updates from the tournament, all with the simplicity and ease of our intuitive widgets.

Check our widgets

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Case studies

Some of our customers have amazing ideas they can build with the European Championship API. We would love to hear yours. In the meantime, why don’t you read one of our case studies to find out how our customers enjoy working with the data within our Football API.

How it works

Our methodology is straightforward, yet our data is exceptional.

  • We gather data: Our dedicated team of in-house scouts and data partners collect and maintain the accuracy and timeliness of our data.
  • We validate data: Incoming data undergoes continuous verification by human experts and intuitive data processing systems around the clock.
  • We distribute data: Utilizing a flexible API alongside comprehensive documentation and top-notch support ensures seamless access and utilization of our data.

We chose Sportmonks because of the accuracy of its European Championship API, its’ ease of use and its’ outstanding customer service. Starting with Sportmonks was incredibly easy and intuitive. The onboarding process was virtually non-existent. Just plug and play!

Xavier - CTO ScorePlay

European Championship API pricing

Achieve your app development goals with our comprehensive European Championship API. Whether you’re building a live score or betting app, we have the data you need to succeed. Let us guide you by offering expert advice on which data features most benefit your needs. Choose the plan that fits your requirements and get started today.

EURO2024 Standard data

The standard version of the European Championship Plan

Starting at
€ 35
€ 399
paid monthly per month paid yearly
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  • Livescores & events
  • Lineups & statistics
  • Odds
  • And more
EURO2024 Advanced data

The advanced version of the European Championship Plan

Starting at
€ 45
€ 499
paid monthly per month paid yearly
Start Now
  • Livescores & events
  • Advanced lineups & statistics
  • Odds
  • Trends analyses
  • And more
EURO2024 All-in data

The all-in version of the European Championship Plan

Starting at
€ 69
€ 699
paid monthly per month paid yearly
Start Now
  • Livescores & events
  • Advanced lineups & statistics
  • (live) Odds
  • Trends analyses
  • Ball Coordinates
  • And more
* All prices are exclusive of VAT and, where applicable, VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

Sportmonks’ European Championship API is the key to creating the ultimate experience in your app

Experience the power of the most accurate and reliable European Championship data from our amazing Football API. Start your journey towards creating the ultimate experience in your app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I create an account?
You can create an account via our dedicated My Sportmonks platform. After you signed up, you will automatically be assigned to our free plan.
Where can I find all the available endpoints?
You can find all our endpoints with explanations on our well-described documentation pages. Please note that we also have a helpful Postman collection.
How do we collect our data?
At Sportmonks, we manage all our data in the Sportmonks Scout Application Platform (SSAP). Our dedicated scout teams from all over the world add, manage and validate the data collected by this platform. We work together with high-class data partners to ensure our football data is reliable and always up to date.
Where are you located?
Sportmonks is a Dutch company, with two locations in the Netherlands.
How does the API work?
We have built a well-structured, flexible, and fast JSON API. Our API makes it easy to customize your JSON responses. Our API's flexibility demonstrates itself by allowing its users to build their own responses in the form of adding include parameters to their requests. This means you can request the data you need and leave out the data you don't need. Filtering and Sorting is another widely used and loved characteristic of our API. It means you can request the data the way you want it to, by adding the proper filtering and sorting commands. Please check our documentation pages for more information.
Are there any restrictions on the usage of European Championship data for commercial purposes?
Users are free to use European Championship data for commercial purposes as long as they comply with the terms of service and licensing agreements provided by Sportmonks.
Are there any specific endpoints or parameters for accessing European Championship data?
Yes, the Sportmonks Football API offers specific endpoints and parameters for accessing European Championship data, allowing users to retrieve match information, player statistics, team data, and more.
Can I access real-time data during European Championship matches using the API?
Yes, you can access real-time data during European Championship matches using the Sportmonks Football API. The API provides live match updates, including scores, events, and other relevant information.
Can I retrieve detailed player statistics for European Championship matches through the API?
Yes, you can retrieve detailed player statistics for European Championship matches through the Sportmonks Football API. This includes information such as goals, assists, yellow cards, red cards, and more.
Does the Football API provide historical data for previous Euro tournaments?
Yes, the Sportmonks Football API provides access to historical data for previous Euro tournaments, including match results, player statistics, and more.