Brazilian Serie A

The Brazilian Serie A is the biggest league in Brazil.

Serie A standings

The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A includes 20 teams. The four teams at the bottom will relegate to the Série B and replaced by the promoted teams from the Série B. The first four teams will qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, while the number five and six will play preliminaries for the same tournament. The numbers seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve will play in the Copa Sudamericana.

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Serie A teams

Let’s look at the teams in the Brazilian Série A that will play the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana in 2022.

Atlético Mineiro was founded in 1908 and plays its home matches in the Mineirão, which has a capacity of 76,500. It is the reigning champion of the Série A. The club is one of the oldest clubs in all of Brazil. Mineiro won the Copa Libertadores in 2013.

Flamengo won the title seven times and is ranked third together with Corinthians. It was founded in 1895. Initially, it was a rowing club. Since 1997 Flamengo plays their home matches in the Maracanã, with a capacity of 78,838. Flamengo won the CONMEBOL Libertadores twice.

After winning the title ten times, SE Palmeiras is the club with the most Série A titles. It was founded in 1914. Corinthians is the biggest rival of Palmeiras and Palmeiras is one of the most popular teams in the Série A. The Parque da Allianz Parque has been the home ground since 2014 and has a capacity of 43,713. Palmeiras won the Copa Libertadores three times.

Fortaleza EC was founded in 1918 and plays in Castelão with a capacity of 58,300. There are two other teams in the city which are Ceará and Ferroviário. These are the two biggest rivals of Fortaleza EC.

SC Corinthians Paulista won the title seven times and is ranked third with Flamengo. The club was founded in 1910 and plays in the Neo Química Arena, which has a capacity of 47,605. The club won the Copa Libertadores in 2012.

Red Bull Bragantino was founded in 1928 and plays in the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium with 21,209 as maximum capacity. They were runners-up in the 2021 edition of the Copa Sudamericana.

Fluminense de Feira FC was founded in 1941 and plays in Joia da Princesa with a capacity of 16,274.

América FC was founded in 1946 and plays in the Teixeirão stadium with a capacity of 36,426. It was named after America FC from Rio de Janeiro and used the logo.

Atlético Goianiense was founded in 1937 and plays the home matches in Estádio Antônio Accioly with a capacity of 12,000. It also known as Atlético-GO to differentiate themselves from Atlético Mineiro and Atlético Paranaense.

Santos won the league eight times. Therefore, it is ranked the second club in the history of the Série A. The club was founded in 1912 and plays its home games in Vila Belmiro with a capacity of 16,068. Pelé is the all-time top scorer with 619 goals. Santos is one of the three teams which never relegated to the Série B. Only Flamengo and São Paulo did this as well. This is the club Neymar played for during his time in Brazil. Santos won the Copa Libertadores three times.