Football Livescore Widget

Are you done with the hassle of developing your Livescore page, spending hours and even days of work? We help you to get it done in minutes!

Why should I use a Football Live Score Widget?

The time of excessive programming and spending hours of effort to create a live score page is over! Just copy and paste 8 lines of code, and we arrange everything for you with our Sportmonks Football Widget.

Sit back and relax!
The Livescore Widget needs no maintenance at all. Besides that, you don’t have to do anything for receiving the fastest live updates. Relieve yourself from the extensive hours of work and use our widget without having to worry about your livescore pages ever again.

Why choose for Sportmonks’ Live Score Widget?

You will always have the best data available without having to worry about programming. Besides that, you can customize the widget to make sure it fits right into your brand identity. Also, we created an add-free widget so there are no superfluous distractions on your website or application.

  • Easy to implement
  • Branding possibilities
  • No maintenance
  • Faster than television

Pretty good, but the best has yet to come. The free version is included in all our Football plans.

But why trust us on our word? Let’s find out what customers and partners say about our Widget and data.

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Our experience with Sportmonks

Finally! Sportmonks is making my work so much easier. In a few simple steps, I was able to customize my widget and place it on my website.

It is fast and easy. This widget is exactly what I needed on my website!

Charles Johnson

We started our subscription in 2019 and we’re very happy with the Football API. Next to the amazing speed of the API, Sportmonks has surprised us over and over again with their flexible friendly support.



Alvind Konda

Football Live Score Widget Features

Take our online product tour to find out everything you need to know about our Livescore Widget.

Live score overview
The Live Score Widget shows a live overview of all matches that will be played on a certain day. The status, result and events like (missed) penalties, cards and goals are shown.
Match Center
Includes a live scoreboard, goal scorers, league info, referee and other relevant information of the match.
Commentaries are pieces of text around an event. In case of a card or a goal, the event will be highlighted. All commentaries are shown on a vertical timeline.
Live team statistics and trends are included in the Widget. The two teams are compared based on these statistics. Trend data is graphically shown on a timeline.

The Free Livescore Widget is equipped with all features and comforts you can imagine.

Implementing it on your website can be done in minutes. Besides that, the branding options give you the possibility to fit the Widget in any web design.

All statistics are shown live, while you do not have to do anything to get updates!

The widget can be included for free in all Football plans.

Add the Free Widget to your subscription

Other Livescore Widget features

Match Preview: The Livescore Widget shows data that is important before the start of a match. For example, suspended and injured players, H2H results, Venue information and weather conditions.

Lineups: The lineups are shown in a list as well as in a graphical formation field. In addition to the players, information about the coaches is displayed.

Events: All events are displayed in the Livescore Widget. The event data includes the related players and the minute an event happened.

Head-to-Head: Last but not least, the results of the 5 latest direct confrontations between the two teams are included in the Livescore Widget, as well as a complete list of results between the teams. Finally, the recent form of both teams against other opponents can be found in the Widget.

Branding your Widget

You have options to customize your own widget. This means that you can smoothly change the Live Score Widget to fit right in the branding of your website/application. You can customize your Livescore Widget as follows:

  • Add your own brand logo
  • Customize the colors to match your corporate identity
  • Select a default theme (light/dark)
  • Option to show or hide theme switch
  • Show or hide team and league logos
  • Show or hide player images

Live Score Widget Pricing

The free widget is included in all our Football API plans. However, a Pro Version can be obtained to customize the Football Livescore Widget even further.

Free Live Score Widget Add-on

The Live Score Widget is available for free!

Try the Widget free of charge and find out if it fits your needs.




  • Faster livescores than Live television
  • Easy to implement
  • Access to all free functions check out our documentation
Pro Live Score Widget Add-on

Customize the widget completely to merge it into your corporate identy. The widget suits your website/application.

Starting at
€ 59 /mo*
€ 50 /mo*
paid monthly paid yearly
  • Fastest livescores (proven) faster than TV broadcasting
  • Implementation in one minute
  • Access to all Free and Pro functions check out our documentation
* All prices are exclusive of VAT and, where applicable, VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

Football data API

Not interested in a Live Score Widget but do you want to create a website or an application yourself? With Sportmonks that is a possibility as well.

Besides the Livescore Widget, Sportmonks provides a Football API with all kinds of player and match statistics, schedules, odds, predictions, match events, highlights, standings, historical data and more.

Other Football API products


You can expand your API calls by adding an add-on to your subscription or by emailing Sportmonks' team of support.

Request extra API calls
Football News API

Boost your website with quality football news articles. Coverage for the top European competitions.

Check out our News API
Our experience with Sportmonks

Very good product with great price/performance ratio.

Live scores are delivered fast and reliably.

Clean, easy to use API. It builds a base for our own app. Well done!

Dariusz Kalita
Owner Betsleagueapp

I use Sportmonks to get Football data to show live feeds and results on I feel Sportmonks offers the best value for money.


When we compared features, documentation, support and value for money, Sportmonks came out on top.

Fast and reliable Football API with tons of leagues and tournaments.

We’re very happy with Sportmonks and highly recommend them.

Co-founder Footi


Here are some of the questions our customers ask us a lot. If you need any other information please visit our FAQ.

Are you not able to find the information you need? Please visit our contact page and get to know our team of support.


Where can I create an account?
You can create an account via our dedicated My Sportmonks platform. After you signed up, you will automatically be assigned to our free plan.
Can I try the Livescore Widget for free?
Even better, Sportmonks' Live Score Widget is free of charge. However, there is a Pro version with even more functions. For example, you can:
  1. Change the primary, secondary and tertiary colors
  2. Change Sportmonks’ logo into your own logo
  3. Customize leagues
Please do keep in mind you an active football subscription.
How to start implementing the Livescore Widget?
You can create an account via our dedicated My Sportmonks platform. Choose or create a plan and make sure you activate the widget in your plan. If you already have a subscription:
  1. Add the widget to your subscription
  2. Set your domain
  3. Configure your widget
  4. Copy-paste your embed code into your app or website
Do you need a little more information to find out how you can set up your Football Widget? You can find all information on our documentation pages.
Do I need another API token for the Widget to work?
No, the API token that is generated with your football subscription will be used for the Live Score Widget as well.
How does the Livescore widget look and feel?
Well, you can find a previews and a live examples at the following places: In our Documentation you can find how to set up your widget. Also, we have created a Livescore Product Tour for you to find out how the differnt functionalities look. Last but not least, we have set up a Live example of the widget in My.Sportmonks. Please visit the Live Widget example to find out how the Livescore Widget looks, works and feels.
What happens to my API Calls when using the widget?
By default, our plans have a rate limit of 2.000 API Calls per endpoint per hour. However, it is always possible to get a plan with more API calls. You can expand your API calls by adding an add-on to your subscription or by emailing Sportmonks' team of support. The API requests are not made per page visitor. This means there is no difference in the number of API calls being made when the Livescore Widget has only one-page visitors or over a hundred-page visitors.
Wat is the difference between the Free and Pro version?
The free widget has the following functions:
  • Select a default theme (light/dark)
  • Show/hide the theme switch
  • Show/hide team/ league logos and player images
The Pro version has the same functions and the following extra functions:
  • Change the colors to fit it in your corporate identity
  • Change the logo in the footer
  • Select and show only your favorite leagues